5ml One Step Colourful Soak Off UV Gel Polish (4 Colours!) - Born Pretty Store Review

*PressSample* This post contains an item(s) that was provided for reviewing purposes however I will as always give my full and honest opinion.

Allo polish Pals!

I hope you are all doing awesome day. I'm looking forward to a fun filled weekend - I'll explain in an upcoming post and hopefully I'll be able to include some pictures. So while I'm posting I just wont be around to come blog visit for a couple of days. Tomorrow is also my parents 40th anniversary, so happy anniversary you guys!

Today I will be reviewing four gel polishes from the Born Pretty Store. I was supposed to review five however one turned out to be a duplicate (It's ok, I really like that one, hehe!) These are 'One Step Colourful Soak Off UV Gel Polish' in 6014, 6032, 6022, 6059 (x2)

I received five mini bottles of UV gel polish to review although I only have four to show as one was a duplicate (luckily the one I liked the most!) I knew I had picked several bright shades which to me scream spring! I can't help it, I love colours in general and I love, love, love vivid shades. I'd also selected a sparkly blue as that's my poison.


These bottles contain 5ml worth of polish and are a great way to try out gels or to experiment with different colours. The consistency was good for gel polish although you have to remember to apply it as thinly as possible. I had no issues with application or curing, these cured perfectly for me in around 30 seconds.

They also have a lot of other shades on offer (I believe there is around 40 in total) and there are some stunning reds, some shimmer counterparts of the blue I have received as well as many more vibrant and fun shades.

Overall I really like these polishes. They were quick and hassle free to apply and have great colour pay off in just two coats. They had incredible shine even before applying my Born Pretty Store No Wipe top coat. Wearing my UNT peel off base coat I was able to get these all off in one piece.
If you are looking for a few new gel polishes to add to your collection without committing to expensive purchases or full bottles this is a great way to go!

Which of these shades do you like best? Do you wear gel polishes?

Thank you so much for visiting today, I'll be back on Monday with the first of my Halloween nail art, I've three to show you this year and I'm saving the best until last! Have an awesome day!




  1. Wow. Like all of them. That sparkling blue and minty are my favorite. ­čśŹ

  2. Hi sweetie! All the colours are so pretty, especially the green and pink one.
    Happy anniversary to your parents!!! <3

  3. Congratulations to your parents! 40 years, that's called a ruby marriage over here :)
    I like the blue polish the best but all are pretty. Haven't tried gel polish myself, but I'm not hating them either. I just don't want to spend money on the lamp etc. yet but there's always Christmas and birthdays ;)

  4. They all iook gorgeous but I loved the First one most :)
    Happy 40th Anniversary to your parents. x

  5. They all look lovely, so bright and fun :) my favourite is the blue one, because sparkly :D
    Hope your weekend was awesome!

  6. Thanks for sharing.I can not have long nails because of my work so this is exactly what I need for that special night out. colourful but soak offs that look lovely.Really appreciate you sharing this.
    Congratulations to your folks,40 years............really well done.

  7. I bet you're not surprised that I love the glittery blue one the most :D


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