Finding The Perfect Seasonal Nail Polish Shades With Maggie Anne

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Allo polish Pals!

How ya all doing? Did you have an awesome Halloween/regular Tuesday? Do let me know in the comments what you got up to.

I'm sorry guys, I am one of those people who start getting excited about Christmas in November.. which leads me to the perfect Autumn/Winter and holiday shades by Maggie Anne.

Thanks to dear Margaret for allowing me to check out these beautiful shades, Carmela and Susie.. which just have to be on your wish list this year! These seductive, sizzling and indulgent shades are perfect for the upcoming season and holidays.

And Margaret has kindly given you guys a massive 25% off Maggie Anne nail polishes, visit their store and use the code: ITHFIFI at the check out.

Lets take a look at Susie first. You guys know that red isn't one of my favourite colours, it has to be the right shade of red for me to fall in love with it. Susie didn't disappoint. She's bold and vibrant but what I draws me in with this polish is the super fine micro shimmer that gives this polish an illuminating and glowing effect. When it catches the light it honestly sparkles so brightly without any obvious sign of glitter through it. It truly is a warming and beautiful shade. Susie got so many compliments while she graced my nails.
I love how Susie looks matte, the pictures do not do her justice, she almost looks like silk!

Carmela is a delicate but rich golden shade with the tiniest, subtle silver shimmers. Its what I call a perfect gold, not an overly overwhelming shade but instead a very sophisticated champagne shade - Perhaps we should call it more of a white gold? I think you know what I mean, some full on gold polishes can look a little 'too much'. This one in my opinion is just beautiful. I was particularly impressed with how Carmela looks with a matte top coat. It is beautiful with a regular glossy top coat but with a matte top coat its like an entirely different polish, so soft looking. This polish wins with either finish!

Carmela with a a matte top coat.
What has really surprised me about both Maggie Anne polishes is that they are incredibly fast drying, great if you happen to be heading out or are in a rush. Both shades are photographed with just two coats. Another bonus is that they are effortless to remove. I thought Carmela in particular would be more different to remove but they removed within minutes using just non acetone remove and cotton. I've have golds in the past that have required a little scrubbing or soaking to remove.

So what's the verdict?  Its probably obvious. I am head over heels for these shades and the passion and ethics behind Maggie Anne. I would certainly try more shades and urge you guys to take advantage of that lovely 25% off. Visit Maggie Anne's website.

What do you know about Maggie Anne?
Maggie Anne's nail polishes boast an impressive 6 toxin free formula while providing an ultra glossy, high shine gel like finish that requires no UV lamp – yes girls, those of you who don't like to play with gel polishes can totally enjoy these babies! The beautiful finish is expected to last 5-7 days when wearing a top coat.  If you visit the website don't be surprised to see all the awards they have won for their beautiful nail polishes.

6 Free? What's all that then? This means that Maggie Anne polishes are clear of the big nasties, the chemical's we really don't want on our nails or in our systems. This is better for us and the environment. This also makes it safe for all the mummies-to-be as well as patients with known allergies to the excluded chemicals or those fighters undergoing cancer treatments – as always check the ingredients.

Maggie Anne is a UK born nail polish brand and while they are helping us look beautiful with their caring formula they are also helping our beautiful animal friends. They are completely Peta cruelty-free and beauty without bunnies licence approved. Can they get any more awesome? Probably not, oh wait.. yes they can. Maggie Anne polishes are also vegan.

What do you think of these shades? Would you wear either of these nail polishes?

Find Maggine Anne: Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Pinterest 

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  1. those nails are just popping color, i like it. i am just crazy about nail art and with this review yay i gotta try this product,. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hi dear, I've never heard of this brand! The ruby is so pretty! Have a wonderful day ♡

  3. I was just thinking today that I needed to get some new nail polish! I'm definitely ordering some of these!

  4. I love the red polish, it looks gorgeous :)

  5. Loving all the colors you have swatched. The gold is calling me out though :) I appreciate that they are cruelty-free and vegan!


  6. Aren't fall colors just the best! I am absolutely in love with the richness of these nail polish shades. :)

  7. Susie would definitely be my choice of red! I love how it sparkles, but looks classy still.

  8. So funny that whenever I get my nails done, these are both my go to colors. Red is such a fire color. I love gold. Very nice!

  9. Love all the shades. My fave has to be that gold though! So neat that they're toxin free!

  10. These shades are such pretty colors for the holidays! I'd wear the gold with a variety of outfits. I love glitter!

  11. Both are gorgeous and I just love the red :-D

  12. This is perfect and right on time!! I was actually looking for a new nail color.

  13. These are so beautiful and cute nail polish. I really love those colors especially the Carmela with a matte top coat. Would love to try this.

  14. Love these festive fall colors! They look so great on your nails and also really pop!

  15. I never got to grow nails so beautifully and that golden shade is so awesome.

  16. That carmela polish looks so stunning. Perfect color for autumn. I like it.

  17. Beautiful nail colors! I really love the Susie color, definitely one I would wear myself.

  18. The gold polish is my fave!!! That would be perfect for a holiday party! Ooo New Year’s Eve!

  19. Those nail polish are so gorgeous. The gold polish is my choice perfect for fall season.

  20. I would absolutely wear both polishes, especially mattified they look gorgeous!! *scribbles down two more polishes on her wishlist*


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