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And a very Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you have a wonderful day, be it celebrating with friends or family, enjoying a lovely meal together or if you are going out – whatever you plans I hope it is a super special one!

Also on the plus side.. Yesterday was an awesome day for me. A customer called me adorable and then work told me they want to keep me on after Christmas. I wont be down in the cosmetics/fragrance section, I'll be upstairs working in woman's wear. I'm so happy!
I'll keep the chit chat in today's post short and sweet but do come say hi in the comments if you have time!

 This manicure was created using my OPI Nail Envy base, Maggie Anne's golden shade 'Carmella' and Polish Me, Royalty's 'Unicornicopia' to add a light dusting of holographic glitter. The 3D elements were created with card which I then painted on top of and carefully cut out and created their suspended look by layering studs on top of each other to create a tower. I then used a dab of top coat to fix each one on top of their towers.

And as promised, here's a look at the Christmas cards I created for my family. These were done mixed mediums so they are a little hard to photograph. The skies are highly metallic so really hard to capture. Also another use for the 9million rhinestones I seem to have collected..

The cat card is for my parents because.. well, we all love our Marshall.

This one is for my nephew, these are two of his toys. Finley the fox and Minty the ghost – he was a treat from me after our mini break for being so good/Halloween treat.

This one is for my Niece who has had two teddies since her birth, Pink Ted and Little Ted. Little Ted came from my parents and Pink Ted came from me, they are still so dear to her so I thought it would be a cute idea.

And finally the family of polar bears for my sister and brother-in-law. I wanted something to resemble family and I thought two contented parents and happy cubs would be a cute idea.

Enjoy your festive break, eat, laugh, love and be merry! if like me you are working tomorrow then I hope you also have a great day.

Thank you for visiting, I'll catch you again on Wednesday!



  1. Merry Christmas sweetie!!! What a great idea you've had for your manicure!

  2. Happy holidays!! Your nails look so much fun and your cards are adorable. I love the thoughts behind the images and I wouldn't mind receiving one (or all ;) myself. I'm sure your family loves them too :)

  3. I love nail art but never tried 3d creations. Loved the idea of cards. My favourite is the one that has teddy bears 😄

  4. Your cards are simply wonderful! What a great gift to give is a totally unique, one of a kind card to your family members! So special!

  5. The nails look cute! Would like to try them out but they would be super unpractical for my everyday chores :(

  6. Merry Christmas to you! These nails look so great! So original! loving the concept!

  7. The cards are so cute. You are definitely talented! The nails are cute, but I think the 3-D effect would definitely get in my way. Congrats on staying on after the holidays at work!

  8. Such great news about your job, Congratulations on your new post! I LOVE your nail art, the most fun for Christmas! Having them suspended is such a cute idea~

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  9. Hope you had a great Christmas :). You got a great talent for art, really love the cards <3

  10. Your nails are always so cute! I will never not be amazed at how talented you are. The cards you made are super cute, too! Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

  11. This is so pretty!!! Loved the detailing on the nails and will definitely try doing them!

  12. Girlll who would think of putting stick up art figures on their nails?! So cool!

  13. I love your card designs! You should totally have your own series of Christmas card sets as they are so adorable and warm! Sell it on etsy or something~

  14. I am loving these designs ... They are so creative, colorful and cool. The cards are super cute, too! Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

    ❥ tanvii.com

  15. You really impressed me in you nail art works. I really adore this 3d pop up Christmas card nail art. You are so creative and talented. Keep up the good work.


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