Freehand Surfing Polar Bear Nails

Allo polish Pals!

How are you doing today? I hope your week is going well so far.
Two more days of work before I get a day off. Phew. That said I am still really enjoying work. I've had a couple 'off' days where everything has gone wrong but I try not to dwell on those. I'm going to be working Christmas Eve and Boxing day, I've never had to work on Boxing day but I can imagine it is going to be hectic!

Today I've another cutie for you!

I decided to do something a little light hearted for this design but then it actually made me think about global warming and the animals that are suffering because their environments are changing..

Still though, I don't think this little chap looks sad at all, he's busy surfing! 

For this design I used all my regular products, OPI's Nail Envy for my base coat (strong and sturdy nails!) China Glaze 'White On White' for my clean blank canvas with a coat of Pro-FX top coat for my acrylic to stick to. I used a range of colours and I always mix to create the colours I need for my designs. I used my trusty and beloved Dance 20 Whatsupnails brush for the fine detailing. I sealed it all in with my ORLY Glosser top coat.

I know I use a lot of blues in my designs but since its my favourite colour I just seem to reach for it so easily!

Do you want to know something really cringey? I post three times a week without fail. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday – that's how its been for a long time. Only yesterday I noticed my header actually reads 'new nail art Monday, Wednesday and Friday'. How did I manage that?! How did I not notice for so long? How did I not even realise while I was making my own header... face palm. I am going to switch to Friday, in my head it feels like a good idea so we'll see how that goes!

Thinking of designs for the new year, is there something you'd like to see me paint?

Thank you so much for visiting today, do have your say in the comments below, let me know any ideas you'd like to see me create or your thoughts on this design. Have an awesome day, I'll catch you on Friday.



  1. Your nails are so cool!! Could you come and do my nails every week? haha!

  2. This is done free hand? That is impressive! Really love the vibrant sky blue! Its definitely one of our faves thus far!

  3. Omg I love the polar bear 🐻 is so pretty and this is so xmas 🎄

  4. Wow...lovely colors...Pink is my favourite

  5. oh wow. These are truly amazing. You have a very fun talent. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Aww the little polar bear is so cute! I love the details of his fur blowing in the wind!

  7. OMG! These are absolutely adorable! So perfect for winter!

  8. Your bear is so cute and happy, he actually made me smile just looking at the pictures :)
    I never noticed the discrepancy between your banner and your posting days but that's no surprise as I seem to be always late and have to catch up... on the bright side: that way I have lots of pretty nails to look at when I finally manage to sit down and read :)

  9. These nails are seriously too cute! I am amazed at how talented you are in creating these nails. I definitely do not think I could do this on my own. Thank you for sharing your creativity, it’s definitely inspiring.

  10. Your nails are giving me winter vibes! Love the bear. It is sooo cute. Your creativity has no limits. :)


  11. SUrfs up. Love the polar bears. They are amazing, and I'm totally digging it!


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