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Allo polish Pals!

How are you doing today? I hope you've had a fun great week so far, have you got anything fun planned for the weekend? Today is my birthday! I don't have anything specific planned, maybe some painting in the morning, family time in the afternoon and then a family meal in the evening but to be me that sounds perfect. I'm not the sort for wild nights out but my family mean the world to me!

Today I am showing you three peel off nail polishes from Sensationail, a huge glittery thankyou to Nara from Sparkle PR for sending these for me to review! She is honestly such a sweetie!

Plump It.

Plump it is a beautiful pink mauve shade, bold and confident but still only the wearable side if you are not keen on overly bright shades.

The Fuchsia Is Ours

The Fuchsia Is Ours is a bright a vibrant bubblegum pink, its eye catching and juicy looking!

Stop Metalling In My Business

Stop Metalling In My Business – love the name! This one is a delicate gold glitter with a clear base. For those of you who don't like to see their natural nails under their polish I recommend layering this one over a base colour or building it up.

These nail polishes praise their peel-ability. What does that mean? No need for nail polish remover and therefore it is actually kinder to your nails and cuticles. Done with wearing your latest manicure? Just peel off the polish you've been rocking and get ready to paint again. Lovely!

So what did I think of these peel off nail polishes? First of all I am in love with all three however clear glitters are not one of my most favourite things – if like me and you have slightly stained nails from excessive nail polish wear you may not enjoy seeing your naked nails popping through. That said a good way to fix this is to apply a couple thin coats and then dab on some extra polish using a sponge or applying this over a base colour in the first place.

The dry time of these polishes truly depends on your application. Its easy to apply these too thickly leaving you with a lengthy dry time so I really suggest applying it in thin coats and building them up. With the second method I found the dry time to be pretty reasonable compared to regular polishes.

If you are looking for longevity with these Sensationail recommends applying their top coat, but any regular top coat will increase the durability of these polishes.

Ok, cool beans, Ithi. But how did they fair on the peel-ability? Pretty well! They are almost like pulling off soft elastic. You wont be able to just 'pop' your nails off like if you wear wearing a peel off base with gel polishes but they do remove with little trouble. I didn't need to use any remover while swatching these which my dry skin is rather thankful for.

Overall I am really impressed with these. If I had to pick a favourite.. hmm. Tricky. I really love both the pink shades and I'm really not that into pink shades so that is saying something!




  1. Happy birthday sweetie!!!♡♡♡
    These colours are very pretty! These kinda polish is useful and practical for nail arts.
    A big hug!

  2. Happy Birthday Ithi. Sending warm wishes on your way. Have a lovely day :D
    I love the colors. my favorite is plump it :)

  3. Congratulations on your adding a year. Quietly celebrating with family is the best way to do! And I looove the nail polish, all of them and for it to be peelable no nail paint remover hassle? I'm completely sold on them.

  4. Firstly, I’d like to wish you a happy birthday. Hope that you find joy and wonderful blessings as you celebrate your day. Secondly, I love the colors and that it’s a peel off kind. Perfect for me. My favorite color here is the pink.

  5. Happy birthday! I love these colors, esp. the sparkly gold! Never tried a peelable kind, but might need to!

  6. I'm always on the lookout for new nail polishes! I'm definitely going to have to give this one a try soon!

  7. Aw...happy birthday to you! I love the nail colors. Why have I never tried these peel off nail colors?! I hate using nail polish remover and would love to try this!

  8. happy birthday! I feel like that glittery gold colour would work so well for a festive ook, like for example a new years eve party! Even for christmas maybe if we mix it up a bit!

  9. In fact I did not know earlier if something with peeling effect is available. Now I do not have to bother for remover thing.

  10. these look amazing... do they last long time without you peeling them off??

  11. Please accept my belated happy birthday wishes! I hope you had a wonderful day <3

    The glittery one is not really my type, but I like the look of the pink shades! I also never heard about peel off polish before, so I've learned something new today :)

  12. This nail polish looks like my kind of polish. I really need to find this nail polish as I always hate the smell of the carton, so having peel off would definitely make my paint my nails more! Thank you for sharing this!

  13. I hope you had an amazing Birthday! The nail colors are so beautiful, perfect for this season, I really like Plump it and Stop Metalling In My Business, love them on your nails.

  14. i love all this colours. when i started reading i was like oh i like the first one then i saw the rest and i was like ohh i think i like

  15. Oh this peel off polish looks so amazing! I love all the colors.

  16. Oh no!! I'm so sorry I missed your birthday :( I hope belated birthday wishes are good too: happy birthday, Ithi, and many, many happy and healthy returns <3

    Those polishes look pretty special. My favorite would be the first but the other two are close runners-up.

  17. Happy belated birthday girl! I hope you had an amazing one.

    About the polishes, I've never was a fan of peel off polishes, but these colors are amazing!!


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