The Snowy Cabin - Freehand Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!

I hope you are having a fantastic day, how was your Christmas? I hope it was amazing! I am full of happiness, love and good food.. and maybe a glass of wine.

Today marks my last day at my Christmas temp job which kinda sucks.. I really, really love this job but its ok. Whatever comes next is just part of the adventure, I love that I get to share it with you. There may be some possible jobs for Benefit make up in the same store so we'll see, keep your fingers crossed for me if you can.

To be honest I'll take any job just to save up money but the ultimate goal is still nails of course.

Anyway, on to some nail sm-arts. Can you imagine this scene? Christmas has come and gone but all the festive feels are still there, the snow is inches thick and there's no need to go out. The fire is on and your feeling super cosy and toasty with a nice blanket watching your favourite tv shows..

This nail art is kind of weird in the sense that its rather minimalistic but still really eye catching. As I get older I've come to appreciate cosiness. I always said I hated winter and autumn but actually.. the upside to both those seasons is coming in from the cold and getting snuggled up, don't you agree?

For this manicure I created an acrylic-gradient for my background, using acrylic paints and a brush to carefully blend the colours of my sky together. All the small details were created using my beloved Dance 20 brush from Whatsupnails. I sealed everything in with a layer of top coat and finally added my Barry M matte top coat which finished it off perfectly.

What do you guys think of my winter cabin scene? Is there something you'd like to see my paint onto my nails?

Have an awesome day, hopefully you are still off work and having some extra time to relax. Thank you for visiting, I'll catch you again on Friday!



  1. This is so right for this snowy cold weather and loving these designs. Share something for New year too.

  2. Look at the details. I love this nail art. Its so fitting for the season.

  3. I read your intro and I was all like 'Can I book that cabin and go there right now?'
    Your description was spot on! :)
    As for ideas, maybe you could revisit this cabin during other seasons? I wonder if I would love to stay there in spring as well ;)

  4. Wow this is fantastic nail art!i'm so impressed with your skills! The winter cabin scene with these blue shades, is the cherry on the cake! :)

  5. I love your posts! You are so creative, this snowy cabin looks beautiful. This nail art is amazing!

  6. These are really cute nails for winter! I wish I would have done something similar to this when I got my nails done the other day. You are really talented!

  7. Perfect design for Christmas! Each time when I look at your nail art, I am so impressed, you have fantastic attention to detail!

  8. You definitely have a way with nails and you decorate them so beautifully. I need that skill. I simply apply a coat and that is hard to keep from not smudging or being all over my finger. LOL!. I love how you do yours.

  9. Snowy cabin painted on nail looks so pretty. I wonder how intricately you design your nail arts. Creativity at its best.

  10. Wow ! This is beautiful and aspirational nail art! Love how youve incorporated a gradient background!

  11. This looks like something so complicated! I don't know how you are able to do them! Your creativity is amazing!


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