Easy & Fantastic Gel Nails At Home with NeoNails Gel Starter Kit.

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Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today?Are you having a sparkly and fantastic week so far, have you done anything fun? I always love to hear about what you guys are getting up to.
Today I will be showing you a startergel kit from NeoNail. Huge thanks to Marta for arranging this. If you are curious about achieving fantastic, long lasting and easy gel nails at home stay tuned, this kit is awesome!

Continue reading to see how beautiful these gel polishes are!

So as I've mentioned, the kit literally contains everything you'll need to get started right away, here's what you'll find in this set.

  1. Hard base coat.
  2. Hard top coat.
  3. UV Gel polish colour.
  4. UV/LED Lamp 9w.
  5. Remover Wraps
  6. Liquids including nail oil, acetone remover and nail cleaner.
  7. Cotten pads.
  8. Nail files.
  9. Buffer.

I received three polishes from NeoNail to show you, they are Avocado, Lady Ferarri and Opal Storm. See my swatches below. I was incredibly please with all three of these shades, the formula was great to work with and I encountered no issues with application.

Lady Ferarri
Opal Storm


Now I'd like to mention the UV/LED lamp. This lamp is 9watts and is absolutely teeny making it ideal for on the go and great for storage as it takes up very little room. I was incredibly surprised by its power and this is honestly – hands down – the best lamp I've used so far in my short lived gel life. Its so simple to use, plug in the cord and press the power button. What I liked a lot about this lamp is that it has a timer (thank god for no more guessing and wrinkling!) you simply press the power button to alternate between the 30 second, 60 second and 90 second modes. Once the time is complete it will simply turn its self off. WONDERFUL!

The power cord is completely detachable and came with a US type socket however a English convertor plug was helpfully supplied with this lamp. 

I've since used this lamp with other gel polishes from other brands and I am having nothing but happy results, this little beast is a keeper!

What are my overall thoughts on this starter kit? If you are looking to start doing your own gel nails then it is perfect for you, its not overly expensive and you'll save money rather than buying everything individually. The compact and weeny lamp designs means it will be great to take over to ya girlfriends place on your next meet up or even to surprise your mum with a nice shiny manicure, seriously, mum, sister..your next on my list!

Don't forget to check out NeoNail, they have a massive and highly impressive collection of gel polishes to please all nail polish addicts alike!

Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you have an awesome day. Take care, stay lovely and I'll see you again on Friday!



  1. I never imagined that you could do your own gel nails without having to go to a professional. This kit sounds great! I am terrible with doing my own nails so my local salon is a life saver. I do however go for shellac instead of gel.

  2. Haha, how cool. I just recently bought the NeoNail starting kit and i Love it. The option I chose was with a much bigger lamp, you can harden the hybrid at all 5 fingers at once. I love it. i think the quality is awesome. Since I am a traveller, I regret I haven't bought a smaller lamp because I would like to be able to travel with it soon. I think I will try to pack it anyways. Have you tried some powders, like the mirror (chrome) effect or Star Glow yet? I love these. I also love the names of the colours from neo-nail. Like Avocado - sounds so tasty! Beautiful colours you got!

  3. Oh I love the Avocado. Not at all what I was expecting. So neat that you can do this at home and not have to spend thousands at the salon anymore

  4. so glossy and it looked like its fake but I liked it specially the green one!

  5. this is actually a bit of a game changer! I was literally just thinking about how much money I spend on having my nails done, this would save so much!

  6. Your starter kit looks really awesome and I really like the light green shade of your nail color perfect for your skin color.

  7. love the shiny/glossy finish! So excited to see you changing things up and showing us some gel nails! I actually prefer their look to regular polish, they just look so much more elegant it's amazing!

  8. My sister gave me one of those things and I have never tried it but you have inspired me too. Didn't think I could do all of that on my own. Looks nice!

  9. These are absolutely gorgeous, especially the Lady Ferarri shade. The glossy finish looks so beautiful, I am going to check these gel nails.

  10. I'm really loveing the teal colour! I love that th kit comes with everything you need. That's super handy.

  11. Your nails look fantasic. Out of those shades I would use Opal Storm.

  12. Did you know that I spent a lot of time and money on nail care? This is great for me. I will check this out of you now. Hope will be easy with it.

  13. i find gel nails to be very high maintenance in my case as i type a lot and do all the house work..this kit sounds really easy though..

  14. I always have thought about buying one of these sets of kits to do my own gel nails. I have spent so much money in the stores when I could be doing it myself. Although there is something so peaceful about having someone do t for you. I am going to have to check into this, thank you for sharing.

  15. Opal storm is my favorite one! I love gel looking nails, but I just don't like the gel :D Seche Vite is my perfect top cote and when I apply it to nails, it looks like I'm having a gel.


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