ORLY Breathable Review - Part 1

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Allo polish Pals! 

How are you all doing today, my loves? I hope you've had a good week. Do you have anything exciting planned for the weekend? I swear being unemployed sucks after working, everyday feels the same – I'm still looking and keeping myself plenty busy in the mean time though.

Today I've got something quite exciting to share with you. A massive big thankyou to the lovely Sophie and the team at Graftons for allowing me to showcase ORLY's brand new collection for you, which I'll tell you has some stunning shades! The new collection is called 'Breathable' and I'll be showing you all 18 shades over the course of three posts. (nail art lovers, there will be nail art posts in between!)

This collection contains 18 nail polishes shades and come in generous 18ml bottles.

The benefits of the Breathable range boast a huge range of benefits to natural nails including the following.
  1. The breathable formula allows oxygen & hydration to penetrate the nail to say moisturised and healthy.
  2. It nourishes and hydrates to promote strength and nail growth.
  3. These polishes contain a beauty blend of Argan Oil, Pro Vitamin B5 &Vitamin C.
  4. No base or top coat required, these are an all in one top and base coat with gorgeous shades.

Hit play to see these polishes and hear my British country accent! For more pictures and info on each shade click read more.

Manuka Me Crazy

Manuka Me Crazy is a beautiful buttery peach nude that adds sophistication and class to any nails, great if you are looking for a natural and healthy looking colour without going down the French manicure route.

De-stressed Denim

De-stressed Denim is a medium muted moody blue shade. If you love blue nail polishes but are put off by overly bold and bright shades this one is so for you.

Down To Earth

Down To Earth is a very delicate and subtle taupe which I think is incredibly flattering. Its unusual but ever so pretty. I had a lot of compliments whilst wearing this shade.

Detox My Socks Off 

Detox My Socks Off – first of all, Are we just loving the names of these polishes?! This one is a raw turquoise which is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons, I am obsessed with this shade.

White Tips

White Tips is now my go to white nail polish. Unlike many whites this one is perfect in just two coats, no streaks and no patches. Another bonus which applies to all these shades is that they are self levelling so they tend to look very smooth, this is a game changer for white polishes. I've been wearing this under my freehand nail art but it looks great alone for statement nails or literally used on your tips for a French manicure.

Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother is a rose gold metallic little number with a hint of sparkle which adds a glamorous look to your nails. Whilst it is metallic it does not comply with the metallic = streaky rule that other metallics can have, you know, when your applying a metallic nail polish it leaves brush strokes? This baby does not do that.

I'd also like to note that upon swatching these nail polishes dry extremely fast, a bonus for all those busy ladies who want to paint before going out the door. The formula is easy to work with and I encountered absolutely no application issues and despite not using a top coat they have a beautiful shine as an end result.

As I touched upon earlier, all these polishes are really good in the self levelling department which is always a huge bonus for me personally. What does that mean? If you've ever applied your nail polish a little unevenly it can look slightly bumpy or thick – this formulas as it dries seems to smooth out perfectly fixing any of those issues. 

Thoughts? I personally love them all, there are shades here I probably wouldn't have picked up myself which is a total shame, I'd have been missing out. All the colours are gorgeous and I am so impressed with their colours and dry times. I truly believe there is something here for everyone (and if not in this first six polishes there will be one for everyone in the 18 shades fo' sure.)
These are a huge winner in my eyes and now I wish all my nail polishes applied as smoothly as these did!  

You can find the entire collection right *here*

What do you guys think of these shades? Don't you think the Breathable range sounds great for nails?!

Thank you so much for visiting, I'll catch you again on Monday for some more nail art fun.
Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. I love these colours, just look at the shimmer! It's beautiful. I've never heard of this brand before though so will definitely be checking them out especially since they're fast drying, that's always something I opt for

    1. Hi Chelsea and thank you so much for your comment! ORLY are HUGE in the nail game, they are a very reputable brand and here in the UK they have their own counters in various stores. They are affordable yet high end, I highly vouch for them, even before reviewing this collection I would purchase their polishes because they are such high quality :)

  2. Nice colors. I've worried about the health of my nails when wearing polish. Have you worn it for long periods of time and found that the claims are true and your nails stay well throughout?


    1. Hey Amy-Lynn I feel your concerns, I know that's why some people don't like to wear nail polish but these are enriched with so many good things, for one the formula is 13 free meaning it is free of all the nasty chemicals most polishes have. Yes, I can say they are causing no harm to my nails after periods of wear (I've reviewed all 18 and been wearing them since receiving) My nails break without use of my usual base coat, I've been skipping my base coat since these don't call for it. The polishes are very thin which also helps in their breathable formula.

  3. I never knew about breathable nail paints and the way you have described the benefits of such nail paint these are fascinating to me.

  4. These are all absolutely beautiful shades of nail polish ! I love finding new fun shades of color for my nails like this! Super cute colors! Shell

  5. I remember when I was unemployed and looking! keep at it, you’ll find one! These shades are pretty, I love the matte colors but I feel I can hardly pull them off (like matte lipstick)! I think that’s really cool that they made a nail polish formula that’s designed to allow oxygen to reach the nail! You would think they would’ve found something like it sooner! I hate taking my nail polish off and my nails are brittle and yellow. Yuck! Great review! Can’t wait to check out the next 2!

  6. Nice colors. I never heard of breathable nail paints before. I definitely want to check it out.

  7. Wow.. they look so perfect! I will like to try the metallic!

  8. Wow, these colors are so beautiful. I am currently fantasizing of having this product on my nails, I love 'Down to earth' the most.

  9. This new collection looks absolutely gorgeous. All the shades look so beautiful, love the finish. I am glad to read the benefits of the formula of this collection, will check them out.

  10. I really love the colors of this Orly nail polish. I really like the most is this Fairy Godmother and this Down To Earth shade.

  11. I love those nude shades! And I love how well they provide coverage. Hate it when I find a color I love but the polish itself isn't the best. Thanks for sharing these!

  12. Wow the Fairy Godmother shade is stunning! I've never heard of this brand but will be sure to check them out :)

  13. All of these colors look amazing but my fav must be de-stressed denim! that shade of blue is gorgeous!

  14. These shades are beautiful. It is great that this nail polish looks smooth once it is dry. I would love to try these nail paints!

  15. I must try these out. Always looking for some new nail colors!! How is the chipping quality over a week time?


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