Freehand Cat & Fish Valentine's Day Nails

Allo polish Pals!

I hope you are having a great week so far, Happy Valentine's day to you. I've got my final Valentine's day manicure today and I have stepped up the level of love on my nails. So far you've seen my anti-valentines manicure..well.. brace yourself for some cute, please!

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, big or small, tall or short..scaled or furry. Love is not limited to the confines of a fish bowl and love is blind to fishy flavoured kitty snacks... these two are complete opposites but don't they say opposites attract?

My love story is far less interesting than these two's. At 29 I've been single since last July when I called time on a relationship that felt very unhealthy, I'd been deeply unhappy and had voiced my concerns which always fell on deaf ears. A relationship can't work when only one side is present. In the end I decided I'd rather be happier on my own than unhappily attached. I'm not really worried about being single.. my attitude is - if it happens, it happens. But I am also happy growing myself and spending time I never took before to care for myself.

Things don't always work out how you imagine them to but don't let that hold you back from the happiness you deserve. Just because you may be single its certainly no reason to be down or unhappy – if that's the case, use this time to find your inner happy.

So whether your celebrating Valentine's day as a couple or by your fabulous self, don't let 'the day' rule you, do something fun, feel good about who you are!

Are you planning anything this Valentine's Day? What do you think of my odd but cute nail art couple ?



  1. Aw, even though I admire every piece you create, this one is certainly my favourite! I mean, who could resist falling in love with such an adorable little cat? I just want to cuddle the darling. (Yeah, I'm not a crazy cat lady type of woman, not at all XD)
    I also love your attitude concerning singleness. Just because you are not with someone, it doesn't mean you cannot have a great time :D

  2. Oh, my lord! How do you draw such as an intricate pictures on the small nails? These are just so adorable. I love the cat and fishes series! The base color is awesome, I guess I dont mind getting the base to use it but I dont think I can manage the cat and fishes though :)

  3. I just love the half-style design. I love fishes and foxes, these exact designs are perfect for me! I never really did anything special for Valentine's Day but I would love to pamper my nails and feet, ooh.

  4. The fact you do this freehand is so amazing. As always I am blown away, so very sweet to have a love story on your nails for Valentines.

  5. I always adore your nails. Good for you for calling it quits. You deserve better!

  6. Oh boy! I can never imagine that this kind of art work can be done on the nails! Hats off to you girl for your wonderful creativity!

  7. Wow! This Cat Fish Valentine's day nail art are so cute. You are so talented and you impressed me with your nail arts.

  8. love the fish in a bowl. Amazing how you do all of this freehand! Super impressive

  9. I always look forward to checking out your post and you are yet to disappoint. Love it!

  10. This is the most original Valentine themed mani I have ever seen and it is so well painted. I am in love :)

  11. This is SO sweet! And yes, opposites definitely attract, although some common ground might be handy as well ;)


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