Freehand Zen Garden Nails With Lotus Flowers

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing on this fabulous Friday?Are you glad that the week is drawing to an end? I'm working today and tomorrow but I am quite happy about that, I like where I'm working even if it is only temporary. I guess I forgot to mention that going back has been really nice – I was greeted with hugs and happy faces, it was almost like I hadn't been gone for two months.

Today's nail art is encouraging you to have some lovely and relaxing vibes with a freehand zen garden. I had big hopes for this nail art but the end result.. hrrm. Not quite what I was picturing. I seem to be going through one of those awkward unsatisfied phases again. Yay..

Opps at my cuticles..

For this design I began with my usual base coat, OPI's 'Nail Envy' and gave it a minute to dry. I then moved on with two coats of ORLY's 'White Tips' for a nice smooth canvas. I used a standard medium paint brush to create the sand and water and my Pure Color brush for all the smaller details. I sealed it all in with ORLY's 'Top2Bottom' base and top coat and eventually added Barry M's matte top coat on top for a smooth ans non glossy manicure.

What do you think of my relaxing Zen garden? Are you in need of some relaxation this weekend?

Thank you so much for visiting, have a wonderful weekend and I'll catch you again on Monday.



  1. This design, just looking at it, puts me in a zen feeling. The colors are perfect for this theme! I am glad that you work, even if it is temporary. Good luck and have a great weekend!

  2. so beautiful. I love the ripple effect you made. peaceful manicure ;)

  3. Wow you are an amazing artist this looks fabulous. I wish you were in my area I would let you do my nails all the time. I also love Orly products I think their the best in the industry when it comes to nail polish.

  4. Your each nail art is loaded with creativity and innovation. Each one I love. This lotus design is serene in feel. You are wonderful in nail art.

  5. Wow, what a perfect design for spring. Each of the designs are so unique and cute and they do promote peacefulness.

  6. Another lovely addition. This makes me think of springtime. You're so talented.

  7. I definitely need both relaxation and zen art like this! Applying it for nails is one of those coolest ideas ever, I really like how presentable they are. Fantastic!

  8. Yes, I need relaxation and they do look very relaxing. The colors and their combination is so beautiful, love the details.

  9. Wow... this is really so cool.. I admire your creativity and uniqueness. Keep them coming.
    from: Calleigh

  10. I love this nail design. It is so unique, I need to try doing designs on my nails.

  11. I loved it. The colors are so soothing to the eye and both the lotuses are beautiful.
    I really wonder how you create such pieces of art of nails when I can't even get the paint right.

    Again, very beautiful work. Don't let the dissatisfaction demotivate you. Let the appreciation be an added motivator.

  12. What a beautiful mani! You can never go wrong, I loove how lotus went out and I love that it's pink!

  13. Congratulations on getting your job back, even if it's temporary (and about a month late...)
    I won't tell you you're too hard on yourself, I guess all the compliments above me are proof of another beautiful manicure ;)


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