Little Bo Peep

Allo polish Pals!

How are you doing today? I hope your week is going well and the sun has made an appearance for you. There's still a little snow here dotted around but the sun has said hello and that makes me happy!

I think its safe to assume I didn't get the job I interviewed for... Surely I would have heard by now. Its sucky but I wont give up. I'm applying to everything I can. Someone asked me why I am not training to become a certified nail technician. Well the reason for that is because courses are not cheap so I need a job to at least be able to save before I can do that. The dream is still there though!

Today I have some nail art that looks a little more spring like.
Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep,
He must've escaped whilst she was asleep,
She looked under her bed, and in her fathers shed,
She looked in the closest , perplexed she scratched her head.
Little Bo Beep is in trouble real deep,
Oh where oh where is that little woolly ble#ee!ee@e?ep?!

I really enjoyed painting this design, I didn't really plan it out so it was a mystery as to how it would turn out. Normally I will sketch an idea out on paper first to work out what will go on each nail. It saves starting something that looks really good and then running out of space! 

For this nail art design I began with my OPI Nail Envy base coat. I didn't really need to use this since I followed through with ORLY's 'White Tips' – part of the breathable range that doesn't require a base of top coat typically. I then used some Liquid Palaside around my nails since my acrylic-gradients I create for my skies can get pretty messy at times. The sky was created using different shades of purple and pink acrylic paint, blended together using a bog-standard painting brush. I used my Pure Color #10 and Dance 20 brushes to create all the fine details.

Finally I sealed the design in using ORLY's Top 2 Bottom base/top coat and eventually added my Barry M matte top coat for a nice smooth finish.

What do you think of this nail art? Do you have any suggestions where she should be looking for that woolly rascal? Are there any scenes or characters you'd like to see me paint?

Thank you so much for visiting today, I hope you have an awesome day! I'll catch you again on Friday for another naily post!


  1. this is just so so beautiful!! your nails def tell a story a lovely one

  2. This is an amazing, beautiful art. I loved the pictures .

  3. A beautiful effort as always. I think the sheep might be hiding behind the tree! So sorry to hear you dont think you got the job you applied for.

  4. Now this is called an epic nail art! I wish if you were in Central Florida, would love to get that similar art on my nails from you!

  5. I had to chuckle when reading your version of Bo Peep ;)
    Your nails, as usual, look absolutely perfect... I just love your gradients!

  6. I am seriously envious of your nail art talents, I struggle to paint mine in one colour lol x

  7. How did you managed to paint your nails so brilliantly like that? Did you actually drew that with both hands? Or did you paint them on the nail plates before sticking them on?


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