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Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you had an amazing week, did anything interesting happen in your world?

Yesterday it snowed so much, I've seen snow, I've played in snow as a child but only ever a few inches. If you are not from the UK you may not be aware of 'The Beast From The East' – basically most of the UK is under a amber/red alert because of the snow and winds from Storm Emma... Mind you, I've been wrapped up nice and warm. I might make a snow man today.. ya know.. time to kill. 
How is your weather at the moment where you are?

Also.. news on the job front: There is none. I have no idea what to think.. I guess there's still time to call, maybe the weather has changed things or maybe right now I have already been scribbled off the list as unsuitable for the role. I just don't like not knowing!
Lets set the scene for today's nail art... 
You've been walking through the desert for what feels like hours.. You're tired, hot and bothered and just about ready to give up.. but wait! What's that?! Could it be?! Just over in the looks like an oasis! Aren't you thankful you have your swimming costume/bikini on under your clothes now! But wait.. Is it too good to be true? Is this a beautiful tranquil oasis..or simply a mirage?

Luckily your eyes were not deceiving you, as you walk closer to the possible oasis it remains there, getting closer and you approach. A warm breeze swayed the palm tree, the first sign of life you'd seen in a long time, you are grateful for the offering shade it provides you.

The water is deeper than it looks, almost like a mini pool and you decide to remove your clothing, even more thankful you had decided to wear your bikini that day. You create a neat little pile of clothing next to the palm tree, suddenly your phone pings and reaching for it you realise that somehow your signal is back, you open google maps and discover the next town should be just over the horizon, less than a 15 minute walk. You look at the oasis.. well.. you are appropriately dressed for the situation, you may aswell enjoy it after a long days slog through the desert! The water is glorious after the days heat, refreshing but not ice cold. Maybe things aren't so bad after all.

What do you think of this nail art, do you think it looks peaceful? Have you ever seen a real mirage before?

Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you have a fantastic weekend. I'll catch you again on Monday!



  1. I am sorry to hear that you still don't have a job, but keep up with the positive thinking because I am sure soon you will get some. Looking at your mani I wish summer and warm weather would come quicklyer, here it is snowing from about 3 days and is awful cold. I wish for sun and clothes that don't need layers and layers :( Wonderful colors in the mani, love it. Have a great Friday and weekend!

  2. I love that you went so opposite of the weather you are facing, for me, mother nature is all over the place, one day it is almost 70 and the next we have flurries falling for m the sky. Hopefully the job prospective will be weather and it just the weather keep them abay. Keep warm and safe.

  3. I'm a nail biter so this would be helpful b/c who would want to ruin that artwork. Have faith, something will turn up. We're bundling up, too but haven't gotten anything yet. Maybe tomorrow.

  4. Yep, still keeping my fingers and toes crossed... not my eyes though or I would be seeing mirages all over the place and bump into doors at the same time ;)
    Your oasis looks so peaceful and warm and lovely and warm (did I mention that already?).
    It's freezing cold over here but the weather service has promised we would have warmer temperatures next week (as in 1-2 degrees Celcius instead of -10). I sure hope so as there are only so much blankets and comforters I can wrap around myself!

  5. You are so good at what you do! This nail art really is peaceful! It was snowy here in Toronto not long ago, but the sun has started to shine and melt the snow. It's still cold though! I've heard about the Beast from the East - stay warm girl!

  6. The weather in my country is always warm and very tropical. I really hope I can draw such small pictures in my nails but I dont think I can do it. Anyway, your post still giving me some inspiration and I shall show it to my nail artist to draw for me when i do my visit next time.

  7. You are so clever! The designs here are so detailed. I think 'peaceful' is an ideal word to use! I love them.

  8. these are so cute! love the fun design! You keep impressing me!

  9. Oh wow! That's really stunning and it gives you that summer vibe. I love the colors that you picked as well. This made me miss the beach!

  10. Wow!! This is pretty awesome. Your Tropical Oasis Nail Art looks really impressive. I hope I can paint my nails like that.

  11. It definitely looks like an oasis to me! Absolutely gorgeous as always :)

  12. Candy Rachelle7 March 2018 at 07:42

    Oh, my gosh! This nail art is so cute. I hope I can do it with my nails.

  13. This design of nails is so cute! This is perfect for summer! I love it!

  14. Another gorgeous landscape Ithi, I never get tired of your creations, they are so lovely! I'm happy that the winter seems to be over around here, Last weekend was the last bit of snow, and now we are heading to warmer days!
    (Keeping my fingers crossed for you to have good news regarding a job!)

  15. That is a unicorn float! Oh my god, it's so cute. I like this art, how did you get your art inspiration? They are all so unique and pretty.


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