3D Baby Pikachu & Gameboy Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I really hope your week is going well so far. I'm back to work today after being off since Saturday – its been lovely to spend some time with my family and of course catch up on some painting! I've been setting myself some targets and I've accomplished them all!

Todays nail art makes me cringe. Not just a little shudder but a whole inside outwards cringe because... You'll see. I wanted to do something again with 3D. What I produced.. I can't even.

I had the idea of using fimo again and that it wouldn't be too hard to make both a square and a circle and paint them up to look like a gameboy and a pokeball. I added into the mix a baby pikachu having a fun time.

Nope. Just nope. Yet I'm still posting it... *dies on the inside*

If you hate this design I swear its ok. I do... I just... why didn't I make the gameboy and pokeball smaller? Why?! When I was making them they looked pretty small but once I'd actually put them on to my nails...woah. This was never going to be a practical wearable design but I still went too far.

I think for this post I needn't say much else about it. I'll tell you something else and we can pretend this never happened, ok?

One thing I did at the weekend was sign up to be an organ donor. That came from nowhere, didn't it? I was thinking to myself about it the other day and realised that I wouldn't be needing any of those squishy bits should something ever happen to me, yet those squishy bits could save another life. I'd been thinking about it for a while and decided that thinking about it doesn't actually do anything should something ever happen. So I did it.

That's a really unusual note to end the blog on but ya know what? This whole post has thrown me off kilt. Do let me know what you think of this design, I wont be offended or upset, feedback is always helpful.

I've got some more 3D designs coming up soon but I think I handled those much better!

What do you think of this 3D design? Have you ever created something that you looked back on only to regret?

Have a wonderful day my loves, thank you so much for stopping bye. I'll catch you again on Friday!



  1. Your baby Pikachu looks adorable and your painting look great but I can only agree on the 3D elements... definitely too big. Oh, and you bet I've done my share of nail fails... and even posted them as well ;)

  2. Wow these are beautiful! I dabbled in nail art, but no where near as good as this!

  3. OMG how awesome are these nails. It takes a seriously talented person to do this kind of art

  4. The game boy made me look at it twice. So creative! PIKACHU is my childhood thing so I really love it to be on my nails if my nail artist can do that!

  5. These are the coolest nails ever! I know so many little ones who would love these. You did a stellar job indeed!

  6. Another nail art to appreciate and admire. You always come out with innovative art. In this creation 3D design of gameboy look stunning. Love immensely.

  7. Pikachu is one of my favourites. I love this design. It is so cute. I would definitely rock this.

  8. The design is actually pretty awesome and you are being too hard on yourself! The only thing I would change is making the 3D charms a tad smaller, but apart from that, the charms are pretty well done! that baby pikachu is beyond adorable too!

  9. This is so cute, absolutely loving the pikachu, so adorable. You did a really amazing job on this, the details and color composition is just perfect.


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