3D Peach & Cream Nail Art - Say Something Nice Day

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you had a wonderful week so far. I can't say anything too interesting has happen to me so far but its been pleasant none the less.

Today's post is all about positivity. Can you ever have enough of it in our lives? Don't you think its incredible how your actions create reactions that in influence someone's day or even their mood which in turn creates new reactions in the people they come across... A little bit of kindness goes a long way as it travels down an ever winding chain.

Anyway. Did you know that June 1st is actually 'Say something nice day'? True fact. Go and say something nice, put a smile one someone's face. Say something nice to yourself even.

My say something nice to you is.. There's only one you and you are wonderful just the way you are. The fact there is only one of you is incredible, keep rocking being you, keep loving yourself and remember not to be too hard on yourself sometimes.

I actually attempted this design twice, I just wasn't happy with my very rushed first version. I used fimo clay to create the 3D leaf which I then painted with acrylic paints. I'm still not 100% sure I like the version I went with (first) but I enjoyed the process all the same.

For this design I began with my usual base coat of OPI's Nail Envy and once dry I applied two coats of Barry M's 'Kiwi' from the gelly range. I again allowed time for this to dry and added a thin coat of top coat to act as a nice base for my acrylics to stick to. I then moved in with my acrylic paints and trust Pure Color brush in size #10. Once I had finished I sealed all the details in with two more layers of top coat and whilst the last was still tacky I carefully placed my curling leaf into posistion.

What do you guys think of this design? Cute or simply just a miss?

Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you have an amazing day! I'll be back on Thursday for another nail art shindig.



  1. I did not know June 1st was say something nice day, Where in the world do these people come of with these holidays. The nails look like, and I loved that you did two different colors. I think the green one looks fantastic but love the face on the second one.

  2. Aww these SUPER cute nails definitely made me smile this morning!!! They are just absolutely so adorable!!!!

  3. Another hit with me on these peachy nails! I am loving the green colour, it really complements the peach. Great job, you talent amazes me every time.

  4. These are so cute! Perfect for summer-and I love the 3D aspect!!!

  5. Ahh that's outstanding! Both versions are amazing, but second one is my favorite! You are amazing Ithi!

  6. These are super cute nails!! Love the colors and details.

  7. So peachy and perfect! Love the leaf detail too!


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