Freehand Jungle And Panther Nail Art Design

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? Did you get to enjoy the long weekend? If that's a yes I guess you are still chilling in the spring sun right now. I'm working this bank holiday Monday (today..) but there's been a bit of a buzz at work since we've been having a sale. Some days have revolved around pricing up, ticketing in preparation, re-ticketing products, taking tickets off products. By the end of the day all the tickets are coming off so I wont be dreaming and breathing price tickets!

Today's nail art certainly not one of my faves but I wanted to take part in the Tiny Canvas challenge, I am not longer an admin in the group but I still enjoy the challenges. This theme prompt was 'Jungle' so I attempted to paint a panther lounging on a log.

I just didn't win this paint off at all!

I just think this design looks a little underwhelming. Maybe I used too much blue and I also can't figure out why I made that log look so long because trying to line it up in my pictures was incredibly difficult!

I used only one nail polish for this design besides my base which was OPI's Nail Envy my ORLY 'Top 2 Bottom' top coat and Barry M's matte top coat. Since all of the colour work is acrylic paint I only used ORLY's 'White Tips' – my favourite white nail polish for painting onto.

Maybe its not as bad as I perceive it to be but sometimes a design just wont turn out as I imagined it to. Do you ever get that with your projects? It can happen in so many types of projects, not just nail art of course.

What do you think of my jungle and panther design? Is there something you'd like to see my paint in the future?

Thank you so much for visiting, I love seeing you here! Have yourself a beautiful day and I'll catch you again on Thursday, mmwah! 



  1. I've been trying to figure out how you get it right to position your nails to paint a "long" canvas. Right now I'm sitting here squishing my nails on the table to try line them up and it's just not working :D I'm getting finger cramps and it looks like my hand belongs in some kind of horror movie or something.

  2. Weather you win challenges or not, your mani is always winning hearts of your fans. And I can't see anything wrong in the design. I love the jungle a lot! <3

  3. I know what you mean ... sometimes the vision doesn't get translated to the canvas ... but even then what you did is spectacular. It is not easy to imagine nails as a flat canvas. I would not be able to do even one 100th of this.


  4. I see a tired panther lying down, time to rest under the starry starry night. I don't think it is too much blue at all. I actually love the sky effect, make me think of Van Gogh Starry night painting.

  5. I really like this one. It’s a unique picture. I particularly like the paw dangling in the water. That’s how I would be lounging. ­čść

  6. It amazes me every time I visit your page and see your freehand work, you are so talented! I am really loving this one, I know you think it's not your best work but I think it's stunning!

  7. Your design is amazing! I love all the details and the trees playing the sense of perspective! Wonderful job. We didn't have a bank holiday on Monday, but we have one tomorrow, as it is a Christian celebration called "Ascension Thursday" looking forward to it!

  8. Angela Ricardo Bethea9 May 2018 at 17:33

    Wow! You are so creative to do a nail art like this. You really impressed me.

  9. This is so amazing Ithi, I am loving the jungle and panther nail art. You really did a great job in Tiny Canvas challenge for the jungle theme.

  10. This is so talented! Your designs are amazing. I love the colors and little panther.

  11. This is way too cute!! And how it's so precisely? :D How did you managed to be so precise at every single photo so that when you look at it, it's a complete photo. You are such an artist!


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