Freehand Toroto Nail Art & Scattered Holo

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope your week has been going well so far, not long until the weekend now! I have to say it feels really weird posting on a Thursday, I have been in my Monday, Wednesday, Friday blogging pattern for so long that changing it up has felt so bizarre.

If you didn't know I've now switched to twice a week. Content wise I am covered until the end of June (almost!) but I will be working on Sundays soon and I wanted to make things both easier and more organised for myself. Since Sunday is normally a painting day for me I have freed up a little time so I can paint on my days off without worrying about running out of things to post. Does that make any sense? I feel I am typing in circles and dribbling on!

Today the soot sprites are back! The other day My Neighbour Toroto came on TV, I'd seen it before but its just so cute! When I painted this I was really lacking ideas and motivation, I wanted to paint a freehand design without the commitment of painting all my nails so this idea gave me a little bit of both, fun painting time with an edge of laziness.

To me, Studio Ghibli films invoke the feeling of magic, they are mysterious and unusual and grab your interest, pulling you into a world like no other. Scattered holographic glitter seemed like the perfect pairing with this deep alluring green shade!

For this design I began with my trusty OPI Nail Envy base coat and once dry I applied Masura's 'Sky Garden' to all my nails. I followed on with a light dusting of Polish Me, Royalty's 'Unicornicopia' – my all time favourite scattered holo, it literally looks great with everything. I added a thin coat of top coat for my paint to adhere to nicely and moved in with my Pure Color brush in size 10 and a mixture of acrylic paints. Once finished painting Toroto I sealed my design in with two more thin coats of top coat and eventually added Barry M's matte top coat.

Why are your nails always matte? Some one recently asked me why I always use a matte top coat on my designs. I don't always, normally I will photograph my designs in both glossy and then a matte top coat. A matte top coat is great for smoothing designs out, it stops the glare from the shiny top coat from distracting from the nail art in photographs. Some designs look better in matte while others in glossy. Its not that I prefer matte nails in general but it does make a huge different to its finish and the look of it when photographed.

What do you think of this rather simple design? Do you like Studio Ghibli movies?

Thank you so much for stopping by, don't forget to say hi in the comments, let me know how you are doing. Have a fabulous weekend, I'll catch you again on Monday!




  1. OMG, This is awesome, This is the prettiest nail art I've ver seen. I love this.

  2. Totoro is my favorite animation character! I can't believe it can be done on nails!! The green really is a good backdrop for totoro as he and his other friends are living in the green woods.

  3. Loving these nails. I love this shade of green and the sparkle effect and ofcourse your nail art is on point.

  4. Oh yes, I love Totoro! Apart from some recent sad news, they're still pretty much alive and this nail art is just so adorable, the emerald color just hits the spot nicely!

  5. Okay these are the cutest! I've never seen or heard of Studio Ghibli, but from this alone, I'm actually quite intrigued. Love the color choices too. So unique and fun!

  6. this is such a lovely and cute Totoro! I know the character but I've never actually watch the movie, lol.

  7. I am a big fan of the sprites so its lovely to see them back. Another stellar job here, gorgeous!

  8. I have never watched the movie or even heard about this character but your design is spot on as always. Also, it makes sense why you look matte top coat. Glossy is hard to photograph too.



  9. I like those leafs a lot! They are so beautiful. <3

  10. This is so cute! I doodle and draw too, wonder if it will be possible to have a collaboration where I doodle and you turn them into nail art?

  11. Such beautiful art,I love the color and the design on it is stunning.

  12. Wow, that drawing on the small nail is so intricate!! Beautiful!! I remember Totoro has an umbrella, right??? Maybe that umbrella should cameo somewhere!! :D


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