Rescue A horse day - Freehand Horse Nail Art Design

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing this week? I hope everything is going your way so far.

I'm so excited for tomorrow night, I'm going to a Kaiser Chief and Blur tribute evening with my sister. I don't really go out much like this so its going to be fun! The only downer is that its cushioned by an early start at work on Saturday so I think it will be straight to bed, get up and run to catch the bus on Saturday morning. I can do it, I got this! Perhaps consider me out for the count on Sunday though!

Today's nail art is inspired by another one of those random 'days' in the year, which has already passed us (opps) the 16th of May is 'Rescue a horse day' so I wanted to create a very free and relaxed looking horse enjoying his enviorment. 

I quite like this design, this horse looks quite content looking at the rolling hills in his flowery filled valley. It reminds me of something, maybe a Disney film with a horse... is it called Spirit or something? My only qualms with this design was that I painted him on the fingers I did as it was very hard to photograph him connecting properly, usually I would have done it on my middle and ring finger. Oh well, not gonna dwell!

For this design I began with OPI's Nail Envy base coat and allowed a couple minutes for it to dry. Next I applied a super thin coat of ORLY's 'White Tips' for a nice blank canvas. I took a mixture of acrylic paints and my beloved Pure Color brush in size 10 to create all the details. I sealed the entire design in with my Pro-FX top coat and eventually added Barry M's matte top coat over the top for a smooth finish,

What do you think about this nail art design? Do you like horses?

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a fantastic weekend, I will see you again on Monday!



  1. I don't think your horse needs rescuing... he looks great!

  2. The detail on your nails is amazing. Can’t belueve you were able to do these! Curious how long something like this takes?

  3. I love the nail art and horses look so cool. I love this colour blue as they look perfect. How do you do this?

  4. You are very talented. Love you nail art with the horse.

  5. What ana amzing manicure Ithi! You know tht as a child I was obsessed with drawing horses? yep, I used to look to dozen of pictures to really understand their anatomy and be able to draw them the most realistically possible! LOL those things children do...
    I hope your weekend was a great one and I wish you a lovely week ahead :*

  6. This is so beautiful Ithi, love the details. The horse looks so perfect, love the finish. I hope you had a nice time at the event!

  7. Oh yes, the movie IS Spirit! Childhood memories...
    I've never heard about this day before but it sounds lovely, and your nail art is stunning, as usual. So much detail to be put on such a little surface, you must have the patience of an angel!

  8. This is a great one, such an intricate design. I hope you had a really lovely time at the tribute concert!

  9. This is such a beautiful art. I cant how believe every-time you just come up with perfect ideas.

  10. Wow, they are so beautiful! Your paintings are good! You are so talented.

  11. That is such an awesome nail art. You really impressed me with all your work.

  12. It's just perfect. A hourse, the sky, the landscape....Beautiful one! <3


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