About Ithfifi

 Allo, polish Pals! ♥
As you may know my name is Ithfifi, but you can call me Ithi like everyone else does!

my #facebehindthenails - urgh.
I'm just your average 28 year old nail art blogger. British and residing in the Netherlands with the love of my life (aka Mr Bravo) - the story of how we met? I asked who he was on Facebook! Fell in love. Up and moved to the south of Holland ~ Crazy right? Nearly four years later and still happy in love!

Slightly 'batty' with anxious and nervous tendencies and often referred to as 'quirky'.  Obsessive when it comes to routine and planning. I have notes about making notes and lists of lists. But it works for me.  I love order. I have a huge understanding of self harm and depression. Although I have well overcome it I can empathize with others. I believe in encouragement and love in the nail art community and in life.  I love to have a laugh and I love making others laugh too.

I have a history in both art and makeup artistry. I studied fine art in college. I didn't finish it.. It wasn't for me. I can't turn on the creative tap from 9 am til 5pm. I then trained in London at the AOFM, I later got to assist in a few shows at London Fashion Week and worked with some awesome photographers and models.

I have a huge heart and a tough soul. I'm just a peace not war kind of gal, I love people and I love making new nail art friends. Don't be shy, come say hi! I also love to help people in anyway I can. If you see something on the blog that confuses you then you are welcome to ask!

I love crafty activities, bicycling around beautiful Holland. Both my English and Dutch families, they mean the world to me. My beautiful baby Mars the Bombay cat who lives in England with my parents. Sushi, I swear I could live off of this for the rest of my life. Or any sea fish. Large cups of green tea!

Mars. Aka Marshall.
Cold tea. Having to scribble something out from my list. I'll normally have to write it out again. Being too hard on myself sometimes. People who throw litter.. why? Just take it home?!  F4F, L4L, again.. why? You either like something or you don't, right? Just like what you like!! (makes life simpler, doesn't it?) Beetroot..

Well..That'll be me!

Keep Smiling and keep being your beautiful self!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!
                                                Much love,