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Hi there! Thanks for clicking the about me page, its nice to meet you!

I'm Ithfifi Clare-Louise Williams but you can call me Ithi for short.. I'm a tiny, 29 year old, British lady living in the south west of England. After turning my life completely upside down. I am now presuming my dreams in cosmetics, skin care and all things fabulous.

Most recently I my role was to help people smell great – Its not as weird as it sounds. I was in a department store working on the fragrance/cosmetics counter, its honestly the best job I've ever had. I love people and getting to interact with them on any basis, I enjoy meeting new people and engaging in their interests.

I have a strong history in cosmetics, having trained in London at the Academy Of Freelance Makeup (AOFM) and having assisted in three London Fashion Week shows. I also have a history in art, having studied it during my college years. I'll paint anything, faces, canvases, nails!

In my spare time you'll find me exercising, being crafty, hugging my cat Mars (aka Mashall) playing with my young niece and nephew, who I adore dearly and helping out as a mod on a fantastic nail community on Facebook called Tiny Canvas. I also like to eat and sleep.. both are delicious.

I love making new friends so don't by shy!

Well..That'll be me!

Keep Smiling and keep being your beautiful self!
Much love,

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