Monday, 25 August 2014

Welcome To The Circus ~ Pin Wheel Nails

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you've had a great Monday and to those of you in England I hope you had a great Bank holiday, who doesn't love a long weekend? Today was really quiet for everyone here. My Niece and Nephew had visitors so I didn't get to play with them today and its just rained on and off all day which was a shame. But instead I decided to create something really bright using acrylic paints. I don't think I nailed my idea but I was told to post it anyway (Yes, I was repeatedly told it looks ok enough to post...) Here is my 'pin wheel' style manicure with a little extra animation.

I hoped to show it working as a spiral but I don't think it worked.
I originally had this idea for my new minty coloured polishes but in the end I decided to go bright and hoped that using acrylics would give me a smoother result than using polish.
On all my nails I applied China Glaze's 'Blue Sparrow' (This is amazing with a top coat, I'll swatch it soon) and created a simple pin wheel style pattern using my Oumaxi (Via SammyDress) acrylic paints. I finished this all off with OPI's Matte top coat.

What do you think of this pin wheel look? Would you wear this type of pattern and if so would you go for bright shades or softer shades?

Have a great evening!

Friday, 22 August 2014

The Plummy Pink Feather

Allo polish Pals
How are you today? I hope your excited for the weekend – will you be doing anything nice or taking the chillaxed approach? We're into our last week in England next week ~ boo. That does make me sad how quickly time goes but I'll enjoy this coming week. Thank you so much for all your kind and supportive words in my last post, you guys are amazing and it really meant a lot to me. I'm doing ok now and crying less, its still hard but I am keeping busy as possible so I don't think too much. Today I have a simple creation that I am really not fond of... Sadly with everything that has gone on I've not been able to create too much new nail art and I wasn't pleased with the out come of this but anyway...

For this manicure I used Nails Inc's 'Kensington High Street' on all my nails except my ring nail and created a gradient by adding China Glaze's 'Fly' to the tips. I finished these nails by simply adding a candy stud from The BornPretty Store. (Check to the left for a 10% discount on all their items) On my ring finger I applied two coats of 'Fly' and applied a pink feather on top.

I've worn feathers before but I am not too happy with the outcome of this... I don't think my feather placement was too good but I also think I should have used a lighter base colour – That said I don't have all my polishes to chose from so I did the best with what I could, so nerr :P

What do you guys think of this manicure? Have you worn a real feather on your nails; What is your opinion on this nail art style?

I'll be posting again as soon as I can get some time to create something half decent (Maybe I have my vacation head on because I am not creating things I am happy with at all!) I'm off to paint my sister's nails now :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Barry M: Heather (Silk Collection) Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals,
How are you today? I hope your week started off well, I had hoped to be around sooner than now but I can tell you the last two days have been pretty hard. Yesterday Mr Bravo and I got some devastating news from our Holland family. Sadly Kimmy, Mr Bravo's beloved dog had to be put down. Its been really hard on both of us and I know we'll be feeling rough for some time to come...  I wanted to do some tribute nail art but I just couldn't do anything worthy to capture the amazing personality and spirit Kimmy had. I'm going to do a little section about Kimmy at the bottom of the post if you care to read. I feel like I need to write something. For now I am going to show you something else pretty... Barry M's 'Heather' from the Silk collection.

 Colour ~ 'Heather' is a beautiful light thistle/lilac shade. At a glance or low light it can appear more pinky than purple but the subtle lilac shade is beautiful and subtle.

Application ~ Great application, I had no troubles at all. I recommend being aware how much is on your brush and keeping your brush strokes as straight and neat as possible to avoid any brush strokes but this wasn't an issue for me personally. It dries pretty fast and I've had no trouble with bubbles even though I was layering on the coats pretty fast.

Texture ~ The texture of this polish is wonderful, the consistency in the bottle is very easy to work with, I would say its slightly on the runnier side but you wont need to keep layers, I had this result in just two coats. Without a top coat Heather dries into a beautiful semi matte satin-like finish (That's what I love love love about Layla's 'Marshmallow Twinkle) but of course you could apply a top coat – it would be a shame to lose that beautiful finish though!

★★★★/5 I love Heather, when I consider the great dry time, the beautiful soft feminine shade and the gorgeous finish I really can't complain. I recommend trying the silk collection if you have not yet had a chance, they can be incorporated into so many beautiful nail art designs.

What do you think of this subtle lilac? Have you tried any polishes with a similar finish; did you enjoy wearing them?

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Water Decal Transfer Stickers Bird Floral Pattern- The Born Pretty Store Review

*This item was sent to me to review but as always will contain my full and honest opinion :)

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? Are you having a good weekend so far? I'm having a great time in England. (duhh) Yesterday I popped into Boots for the first time in over 7 months and I was so amazed to see that our store now carries Nails Inc, Orly, Mavala, Butter London and more... I was like a kid in a candy shop! I had limited funds but let me tell you, I could have gone crazy! I started today with another productive work out - I'm feeling so alive! Later today I'll be going to watch my three year old niece go swimming and tonight Mr Bravo and I will be going out with my parents for a meal ~ Life is good! Today I have these beautiful Nail art water decals with floral and birdpattern from The Born Pretty Store to show you.
You can get a 10% discount on all items from the Born Pretty Store, Just use the coupon code: DRX31 at the checkout. :)
This gorgeously designed water decal comes on one sheet which measures which means there is plenty of pattern for you to play around with. I am simply in love with the design which is incredibly eye catching. The decals have no background colour (Its completely transparent) which means you will need to pair it with a suitable light base colour polish to really show off the design.
I had a real easy time with these decals, application was really easy also.

I started by carefully cutting out two squares of the pattern large enough to fit my nails. I then painted my base coat of Hema polish in Nude, once dry I dunked the patterns under room temperature water for around 30 seconds. Once the pattern was easy to slip off the backing card with tweezers I then lay them onto the nail. The instructions claim you need to finish drying the decals with a hair dryer but I skipped this. I'm such a rebel... They dried onto the nail very fast just like regular decals so I don't think that step is necessary. I finished up by applying my top coat.

For my other nails I applied Hema 'Nude' and created a large ruffian style design with Barry M's 'Meadow' and 'Mist' from the Silk collection. I finished up by applying a few candy studs which are also from The Born PrettyStore. Don't forget you can use my store discount which is displayed to the right.

What do you think of these spring-y flower and bird water decals? Have you tried full nail decals?

Have a beautiful Saturday!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Catrice: Lime Heart Beating Like A Jungle Drum Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? I hope your week has been fabulous so far? I've been enjoying my time in England so far. Last time I saw my nephew he was a new born baby and now he is crawling around all over the place and giving me beautiful smiles and giggles. I've also done a couple work outs using my exercise ball (Oh how I missed that!) and of course spending time with Mr Bravo and my family. I've also been eating all the foods I miss (tons of vegetables from my dads garden!) and enjoyed taking my dog Charlie on dog walks again. Enough about me! Today I am showing you a swatch and review of Catrice's 'Lime Heart Beating Like A Jungle Drum'.

Colour ~ 'Lime Heart Beating Like A Jungle Drum' (Lets call it LHBLAJD...That looks as if I've just hit my head on the keyboard repeatedly..) is a beautiful bright yellow with a hint of lime; I would say this is certainly more on the yellow side. I actually did think this was just yellow when I picked it out in the store – probably their lighting.

Application ~ Wonderful!! Seriously, I was applying LHBLAJD back in Holland at super speed so I could have pictures ready for my vacation and despite the rushing application I endured zero bubbles. It is amazingly self leveling which means I had a beautiful and flawless finish. The dry time is also above average I'd say.

Texture ~ I would have to say the texture of LHBLAD is pretty equal in terms of thickness or how watery it is. I'm describing it as a crème but I'm not 100% sure – either way the texture gave me no problems and the end result was an incredibly smooth and perfect finish.

★★★★★/5 Another polish worth awarding five stars! Let me explain why... application was entirely fool proof even though I was layering on the coats without allowing ample dry time. You can see the end result told a different story. Also I think that if your like me and struggle to buy yellows (I just find it hard, I'll end up with neon or pastel and be stuck) then the touch of lime to this polish really makes it quite unique.

What do you guys think of this yellow-lime polish? What's your opinion on yellow nail polish? ~ *Just another little thing... If anyone would be interested in teaming up with me for a manicure swap don't hesitate to ask!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Manicure Swap With Natalia of Polished Polyglot

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I'm actually writing to your from the future. I'm here in England now but thought I would do this as a scheduled post to keep myself up to date. Do you remember a short while ago I did that really fun manicure swap? I was lucky enough to have the beautiful Natalia of Polished Polyglot email me to ask if I would like to do a manicure swap with her. I of course had to say yes! I've known Natalia's blog right from the first few months of starting my own blog. She's a lovely person, always so warm and friendly. She was so kind to me during my father's heart attack. I've always enjoyed visiting her blog and seeing her newest creations.

I was so excited to take part in recreating one of her many beautiful designs, it was incredibly hard to decide which of her manicures to recreate as she has some really stunning designs. Please go take a look at her website, you wont be disappointed!

Here is Natalia's Design (Left) and my recreation.
I finally managed to decide to recreate Natalia's 'Night Out' nails because I thought they looks so elegant and glamorous. I couldn't help think that she nailed the brief perfectly, I would certainly want to wear these on a fancy night out! For my version I used Hema's nude polish and applied a layer of Collistar's '#37' glitter. I then used striping tapes to add Fearne's 'High Tide' and added a small rhinestone to match Natalia's design.

Natalia decided to recreate my 'Gleaming Oceanic Gradient Nails'. On the left is my version and the right is Natalia's; I love the colours she used and I think her creation is simply gorgeous, I think she made this manicure look so much better than the original!

I think Natalia's manicure is beautiful and looks great wit her nail shape. It's got me wishing for my rounder nails again...

What do you think of this manicure swap? Have you taken part in a mani swap before?

Have a fantastic day!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Nail Art Decoration Pretty Resin Flowers Review - The Born Pretty Store

*This item was sent to me to review but as always I will give my full and honest opinion :)

Allo polish Pals!
Hope you are having a fantastic Sunday? I can tell you I am so incredibly tired I could sleep for a thousand hours! Yesterday Mr Bravo and I started our day at 5.30am for our journey back to England. It is so amazing to be home and see my family and pets. This afternoon I'll be celebrating my sisters birthday and also for my Mother who had her birthday in June. Oh and my mum will be cooking one of her epic Sunday roast dinners – I've been waiting for this for over 6 months, haha. Bring on the vegetables! I've just got a quick post for you today to show you these Pretty Resin Flowers from the Born Pretty Store.

You can get a 10% discount on all Born Pretty Store items when you use the code: DRX31

These gorgeous studs were such a delight to review and I found so many people complimenting me on my nails while I wore these. The flowers are a clear/white colour with a beautiful gem sat in the centre and come in a packet of 10 which are completely reusable time and time again. The Pretty Resin Flowers are roughly 7mm in size which may be too large for most people to wear which is why I suggest they are fabulous for special occasions – Even though I say this, I managed to go out and do a huge grocery shop without them falling off.I applied mine by applying them on top of my top coat once it had become tacky (Somewhere between wet and dry) If you look at my pictures you'll see the flowers almost have a square layer on top of the petals which really help to make the flowers look as if they have more depth.

For the rest of this manicure I wore two layers of Fearne's 'Night Owl' and applied two coats of Model's Own 'Ibiza Mix' on top. I also created some white flowers with a dotting tool and added a few standard studs into the center of these.

What do you think of these flower studs? Do you like the combination of dark glitter and light flowers?

Have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Essie: Cascade Cool Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
Happy mid week to you all, how is your week going so far? I can say the panic of travelling on Saturday has kicked in. There will be lists of things to pack and remember all over the place. I'm also feeling frantic about my ability to create a few scheduled posts and then 'wing it' when I am in England. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited! I just hate the stress of travelling. It would be so great to have a transportation machine where I could just click one button and be where I wanted! Today I am showing you one of my first ever Essie polishes, Cascade Cool.
Colour ~ Cascade Cool is a gorgeous bright bubblegum pink with slightly cool under tones. Its perfectly vivid in just two coats.

Application ~ I have absolutely no problems with application with Cascade Cool, It glides on smoothly and has a pretty reasonable drying time. I don't experience any bubbles and I have always found this polish to be quite self leveling – Bonus!

Texture ~ I would describe Cascade Cool as a cream that has a really beautiful soft glossy looking finish.

★★★★★/5 Five stars! Not bad, eh? Everything about this polish is in my 'yes list'. There's literally nothing to fault at all. I would highly recommend Cascade cool to any serious pink fans out there. I don't think you can go wrong but the cooler shade may not suit every bodies skin tone so be aware. With that said, that's up to individuals but I think this is a really beautiful polish.

What do you think of this bubblegum pink shade? Do you have a favorite pink polish?
Enjoy the rest of your day!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

N.Nail 4 Piece Synthetic Fibre Pull Pen with Bottle (Brushes) ~ Review

*This item was sent to me to review but as always will contain my full and honest opinion :)

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing? I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I've had a pretty quiet weekend, really. I'm enjoying it as next weekend will be hectic – This time next week Mr Bravo and I will be in England! I really can't wait to see my family after six months, its been too long. I'm going to see so many changes in my Nephew who was only a new born on our last visit. I wish I could see them more often. In preparation I am trying to get blog posts scheduled and am taking an abundance of swatches so I can keep posting while I am there. Today there isn't so much nail art but I am showing you my new favorite 'N.Nail 4 pc Synthetic Fiber Pull Pen with bottle' brushes from KKCENTERHK Come take a look!

Don't forget you can get a 10% discount on all items from KKCENTERHK when you use the code 'ithinitybeauty'
Freehand Doodlin' with N.Nail Synthetic pull pen brushes.
These synthetic fibre brushes arrive in a pack of four and are beautiful finely tipped. The sizes vary from XL, L, M and S. One thing I love about these brushes is that they come in their own little container tubes with a stopper at each end meaning you can keep them nice and neatly knowing that the brush end is completely safe.

I have been testing out these brushes using acrylic paint and after use I cleanse the brush with warm water and a small amount of shampoo – You can imagine how little shampoo it takes to clean these brushes seeing that the brushes are are tiny.

I decided to review these brushes because I've been on the look out for a very fine tipped brush for... who know how long. I wanted some brushes I could do tiny details with, fine intricate patterns and so on. What do I think? I personally really love them, they are just the perfect fit for small and detailed nail art. Don't base your judgement on my doodle nails but trust me, You can do some really tiny patterns with these brushes.

If your looking for the perfect brushes for detailed nail art look no further! Check out the amazing prices of these brushes *here*. Do you have a favourite brand of brushes you use?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Rainbow Chevron Nails With MoYouNail's Newly Stocked Plates

*This item was sent to me to review but as always will contain my full and honest opinion :)

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you've been having a good week. How is your weather? Here in Holland its a beautiful sunny day, it lovely to sit and type with the door wide open and lots of sunlight filling the room. Did you know that MoYouNails have a whole new range of stamping plates in stock? When I was contacted to try out a few of the new plates I was of course so excited and even more excited when I saw the 128 stamping plate because I've wanted to wear a chevron/zigzag design since forever. This is a full design plate. Come take a look and please excuse my slightly blue finger...
A shot of the beautiful 128 stamping plate and... Argh, Blue index finger!

All the designs on this plate are gorgeous and I am looking forward to trying them out really soon; I'll also have another two plates to show you in the near future. I am really looking forward to trying the mermaid scale pattern and the diagonal lines which remind me of sun rays. I highly recommend you take a look at MoYouNails if you have not yet done so. They carry a wide selection of high quality stamping plates, polishes and many sets and accessories.

For this manicure I decided to create a horizontal rainbow gradient and used the following colours, from thumb to pinkie: Catrice's 'Lime Heart Beating Like A Drum', Yes Love's '007', Rimmel's 'Blue Eyed Girl' (The blue stained finger culprit) Picture Polishes 'Wisteria', Yes Love's 'N025' and Barry M's 'Peach Melba'. I then decided to use this plate by making decals using Fogan's '#08' to stamp and Collistar's '#37' for some rainbow glitter pizazz!

I am so happy to finally have chevron nails and I am happy with how the rainbow looks with the stamping decal. I just wish I didn't photograph my blue-d up finger and my cuticles were a little neater but oh well!

So what do you think of this manicure? Have you tried MoYouNails stamping plates yet?
Have a great day!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hema: Holographic Blue Swatch & Review ★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I can tell you I've had the most bizarre start to the week. Last night was just super weird... I wont go into details because it is just too odd. Anyway, luckily enough this cold seems to be on its way out and I am excited because once I've posted this blog post I'm going to pop out and buy myself a piece of yummy herring fish – something that is popular to eat here in Holland and perfect for me since I am crazy for sushi and basically any type of fish. Yum! Do you like sea food? Today I am showing you one of my latest additions to my collection which is Hema's Holographic polish in blue.

Colour ~ Hema's Blue Holographic polish is a light steely blue colour with subtle holographic popping through. I would say that I find the colour a little more blue in person although it can be quite deceptive as in low light it almost looks silver and without the holo. You need light for this baby to shine!

Application ~ This was my first ever Hema holo and I have to say I was impressed with the application, it applied smoothly and dried pretty fast. I had no trouble at all with this polish. I can tell you that if you notice my middle nail looks a bit weird that is from the tea bag repair going on underneath and entirely nothing to do with the polish itself.

Texture ~ Like many holographic polishes I found this polish to be on the watery side, I had no problems at all with the texture and it dried to a beautiful glossy finish.

★★★/5 This is my first blue holographic polish since my Nubar polish got lost in the mail (Remember I mentioned before how my mother tried to send some of my polish just after I moved to Holland – sad face) and while I do really love it I guess I wish it was just a little more blue. That said I can not find any fault with this polish and I recommend that if you are able to go to a Hema store then to check out their range – they have some great polishes lurking around!

What do you guys think of this blue holo; Do you think it is blue enough? Have you had a chance to try any Hema polishes?

Have a great day!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gold Flitters - N.Nail's Circular Flat Gold Studs Review

Allo polish Pals!
Hope you've had a great week and an even better weekend! Did you do anything fun? I'm still full of disgusting cold but yesterday I managed to go with Mr Bravo and his nan to the market and out for lunch. I can tell you it wasn't easy, every time I move my head I feel just awful! Bleugh! Thank you SO much for all the happy get well messages, you guys are the best! On a happier note I have some more products from KKCENTERHK to share with you. I've reviewed quite a lot of the N.Nail range of nail art accessories and have not been disappointed. Today I am showing you how I chose to wear N.Nail's Studs Circular Flat Gold 4mm Nail Art Decorations.

Remember you can get 10% off all products from KKCENTERHK when you use the coupon code  'ithinitybeauty'

I simply love these beautiful little studs. They are simple but so classy. When I first saw them in the packet I wasn't 100% sure. That was until I took some out to inspect them and saw how beautiful and shiny they are. The manicure I created is quite... in your face but you can easily wear these with so many colours and simple designs. I also really love the size of these studs, they are 4mm in diameter. For me they sit very nicely on the nail and I have no trouble with edges sticking out too much. I applied these ontop of my top coat and they stayed on for a really good amount of time – And this was with usual jobs such as laundry and washing my hair. If your looking for some gold studs I highly recommend these.

For this manicure I used two coats of Yes Love's 'N025' and applied a generous lashing of Nail's Inc's 'Fleet Street' on top. I then applied my studs and used Oumaxi paint in black to create some simple swirls/circles to surround the studs.

What do you think of this manicure, do you think its 'too much'? Have you used gold studs for nail art before?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Simple Stripes & Holographic Tape

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you are all well! Sorry for my mini disappearing act, I've been busy looking for my immune system since my last post. It seems like a lot of people are suffering from summer colds at the moment and I am one of them. I've felt pretty rotten and I am pretty gross right now. I hope you guys are feeling healthier than me! Today I felt well enough to attempt a simple manicure. Its nothing fancy (The original idea was so much cooler) but I do really like the colours :)

So, for this manicure I started with two coats of Yes Love's 'K025' (the light grey) on my thumb, index and pinkie nails. Using a combination of Yes Love's '364' and 'G2-2 I created stripes and added these two polishes to my ring and middle finger. To finish off my stripes I added some deluxe holographic striping tape and some of the N.Nail sweet series gems. I also added a white heart on my ring finger using white Oumaxi paint (Via Sammy Dress)

What do you think of this very simple manicure? Do you use striping tapes for manicures or do you only use them to create lines and then remove the tape?

Have a great day!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Manicure Swap With Andreea of Ditta Nail Design & Art

Allo polish Pals!
Happy weekend to you all, yay for Friday! I hope you are all well, do you have any exciting plans? I'll be heading to the market tomorrow and then out to lunch with Mr Bravo which will be nice.
For this post I have to tell you about my amazing friend, Andreea from Ditta's Nail Design andArt. I met Andreea several months ago through facebook when there was the '#sharethelove' movement going on. It was a great event and lots of people shared their nail art pages and exchanged links. Since then I talk regularly with Andreea and I consider her to be such a great friend, in fact we talk most days! Sometimes we even share our manicures and get advice from each other on our designs.She is a very kind and sweet person and I am glad I got to meet her!

We decided to do a manicure swap recently, I recreated her 'River Stone's' manicure and she decided to recreate my pink and green polka dot manicure. Lets take a look!

 On the left is my version of Andreea's beautiful river stone manicure, I decided for a blue base as I am not too keen on my slightly stained nails. I think Andreea's manicure is beautiful.
On the right is Andreea's recreation of my pink and green nails. I think Andrea did a great job and I love the single lined dots.

This was my first ever swap and I am really glad I got to do this with Andreea. Don't you think its fun to see how unique the different versions are from each original? Please don't forget to check out Andreea's blog to see all her other beautiful nail art :)
If any body would like to participate in a manicure swap please let me know!

Have a great day