Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Noisy Noisy Farm - Freehand Nail Art Inspired By.. A Children's Book.

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Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing? I hope your week is off to a great start!

Today's manicure was created while I was visiting back home in England.

Everyone was either at work or in school/nursery and my inspiration was lacking. UNTIL...!

I wandered into the living room and saw one of the books my mum has there for my Niece/Nephew. I decided it would be so fun to try and paint a page so I could show my 5 year old niece when she got home from school. The book is one of those noisy ones with the audio buttons, I better just state it was written by Stephanie Stansbie and illustrated by Veronica Vasylenko.

My kitties face is a bit deranged.

For this manicure I began with my OPI 'Nail Envy' (I hadn't tried Mezmris at this point) and once dry applied two coats of Rimmel's 'White Love' (Also hadn't stocked up on Barry M) I then added a coat of Pro-FX because... polish to paint barrier. I don't know why I do it. I then used my favorite brushes and acrylic paints to freehand the scene from both pages of the book. I sealed it all in with another

My niece was really impressed when she saw them but didn't remember where it had come from (It's been a while since she read this book as its always been there) so when I reminded her and showed her the page I'd copied she was really shocked!

What do you guys think? Have you done nail art inspired by illustration before? It was hard to fit some things in at certain places, like the cat should have been full on the fence but there just wasn't room!

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Have a fabulous day, I'll catch you again on Thursday (By the way, did you know Thursday is 'Burger day' – how odd! )


Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Sky Horse - Freehand Nail Art


Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing? I hope you've had a brilliant weekend so far. Do you have any nice plans for today? Its been a quiet old weekend here but that's fine because its given me time to get a load of my posts all organized and sorted out; I've been suffering from terrible internet up stairs and I really hate going to sit in the kitchen just to do blog things. My little painting corner/desk is so much more relaxing to work at, I feel like I can focus here!

Today's nail art was created quite some time ago. I've been so excited to show you all but I also wanted to save it for a good time; I figure that since I did this manicure well before I went back to England. Yeah, its time to show you it!

For this manicure I began with my OPI 'Nail Envy' and once dry applied two coats of Barry M's 'White' (I'm making a promise to actually use a COLOURED nail polish in my next manicure) I then applied a layer of Pro-FX top coat (I like a barrier between my polish and paint) I guess I'll state the obvious bit.. Next I used my acrylic paints and brushes to create the freehand horse. I'm having this thing lately with metallic acrylic paints - I just love how they look! topped it all off with another coat of Pro-FX and eventually finished with Wet 'N' Wild's matte top coat.

My original idea included him having some sort of adornments and feathers but I decided to stop there for fear of over doing it. I am still rather proud of this manicure, what do you guys think?

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I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! I'll be back on Tuesday with some more freehand nail art!


Friday, 19 August 2016

Super Soft Pastel Colour Wash Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!

How are you guys doing today? Are you excited that it's Friday already?! Tell me what plans you've got going on :) I don't really have anything planned and I feel ok with it. I feel like this will be a great time to actually get organized with my posts and get some more freehand nail art done – Yep. I feel content with this plan!

Just a reminder! If you've not entered my INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY go do so now, theres only a week left! Anyone could win.. but you gotta enter to even have a chance!

Today's nail art was created this week (Blimey Governor!) even though I still have nail art to share with you from before my trip to England. Its... different. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing, you guys can decide once again!

For this manicure I began with Mezmris.Nail.Lacquer's base coat (My nails are really enjoying this, they look so nourished!) in blink of a second it was dry so I applied two coats of Barry M's 'White' and allowed to dry. I then took my acrylic paints and mixed a few pastel shades together and began dabbing squares of each colour onto my nails with a flat brush until my entire nails were covered in messy coloured strokes. Next I took white paint and metallic white paint to mix on top using the water colour technique (You can see my tutorial *here*) which sort of soften the look of all the coloured squares. My last and final steps were to apply Mezmris Nail Lacquer's top coat. I love the shine and gloss this provided but this really was a matte-approved manicure only! So I followed through with Catrice's 'Matte & More'.

What do you guys think of this manicure? A beautiful mess or just a chaotic shamble?!

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I hope you have a fabulous weekend, I'll be back on Sunday morning with some more nail art – any requests for freehand nail art are always welcome!


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Starry Night At The Beach

Allo polish Pals!

How are you today? Can you believe we're already half way through the week?! I swear time just seems to fly faster the older I get. Scary stuff! How has your week been going so far?
I'm currently on the half way line of having a cold, you know when you start to feel icky but not full on icky. I hope it just passes!

Today's manicure comes with a big friendly wave to someone who always gives me such lovely and wonderful words of encouragement. Depending on when you come to visit me, you may know my blog posts normally go live at 7am. Well I've had a really kind supporter who leaves a comment on my nail art normally before I am awake and it is such a nice thing to receive. Especially if I've gone to bed the night before dreading what I am posting the next day. Cheers Steve!

Coincidentally Tiny Canvas's  challenge for this present time is beach nail art. Ain't that lucky!

So for this nail art I began with Mezmris Nail Lacquer base coat. YES. You heard correctly! I did NOT start my manicure off with Nail Envy! I've been trialing Mezmris's base coat and top coat for a while and I am absolutely in love with both of them. Head over to her IG to check her out! They are currently available in the UK but I believe she will be expanding in time.

I then applied two coats of my Barry M 'White' and added a layer of top coat. Once it was all dry I began creating my nail art with my trusty favorite brushes and acrylic paints.

When I asked Steve if there was any requests for what I painted he said a star filled sky over a beach so that's what I went for! I did later think I should have added some silhouettes but I am so very, very bad at those. I don't think I've done a night time beach before, I really enjoyed painting this!

If you are curious to know about Mezmris Nail Lacquer you can check out her Facebook page and IG account

What do you think of my star cluttered night sky? Do you prefer seeing daytime or night time nail art?

Have a beautiful day my friends and have a fabulous weekend, I'll be back on Sunday morning for nail art fun!

Monday, 15 August 2016

5 Piece Fantasy Crystal Ball Nail Art Jewelry - Born Pretty Store Review


*This post contains an item(s) that was provided for reviewing purposes however I will as always give my full, honest and unbiased opinion.

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you all had a great weekend, tell me one of your weekend highlights!  Mine was on Saturday when  I went out on the bicycle, I found an entirely new place called Wolvendijk - I had a lovely ride along the channel mouth seeing all sorts of nature and wildlife, sail boats and beautiful scenery. I looked it up later online and realized I must have cycled about 5 miles!
Today I have some very interesting Fantasy Crystal Ball Nail Jewelry from The Born Pretty Store to share with you.

These super cute crystal ball like studs come in a set of five, which I feel is plenty personally as I couldn't imagine wanting one on every finger! They come in varying colours including clear, yellow. Purple, pink and blue which is which I'm showing you here. They are approximately 4-4.5mm in size so perhaps better saved for very special occasions. The actual process of applying these is made easy as they are flat backed meaning that it is easy to get them to stick to the nail without rolling off all over the place. One thing I really like about these is how they look like they have glitter running through them. They make me think of fantasy and fairy tales – Cinderella for some reason.

Even though I was excited to try these I hadn't actually planned on how I would be wearing them. In the end I decided to pair them with some standard crescent studs so I could turn them into a fancy 3D flower! They are paired with Essie's 'Nice Is Nice' and Barry M's 'Silver foiled with an alternating Chevron pattern from FabUrNails stamping plates.

What do you think of these crystal balls - how would you wear them?
Have yourselves a beautiful day, don't forget to join in my giveaway if you haven't yet!


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Freehand Rainbow and Rain Drop Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!

How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great!
I've been doing my best to reorganize myself, I'm normally not too bad at it and while I still have a whole bunch of manicures to keep sharing with you I sort of lapsed on the editing side. Never mind, all caught up and ready to go now. I think! 

I finally updated the 'About Me'  - I've always been honest about myself but I always 'held back' there are things there you may or may not have known about me. If you fancy, I'm not forcing you to read it, ofc haha!

Today's manicure is one of my entries for the Facebook community, Tiny Canvas - if your on facebook and have not joined... You should! Its just a lovely bunch of ladies all sharing their passion for nail art!  They used to throw a weekly challenges however now Dani (@Stormysway) has changed it so you can see the next few upcoming prompts in one go, which fits in perfectly with my OCD planning and scheduling, it means I have been able to take part in more of the challenges – yay!

The prompt for this challenge was weather.You guys know me by now.. I'm a sucker for a good rainbow!

For this manicure I began with my with my OPI's 'Nail Envy' and once dry I applied three coats of Essie's 'Bride To Be' to all my nails except my ring finger.

On my ring finger I applied a blue polish from a new up coming indie brand called Mezmris Nail Lacquer. (I've been lucky enough to be a first trial tester of her polishes. If you follow me on IG You'll know I am insanely in love with her base and topcoat already - I'm pulling out the Nail Envy less and less) Omg the silver shimmer...love love.

I applied a layer of Pro-FX because I like a barrier between my polish and art and then proceeded to create a rainbow ruffian to my nude nails. I applied some water drops and sealed everything in with a final coat of Pro-FX. On my pretty blue ring finger I added a stud from the Born Pretty Store (Here is my stud review)

I think this is a pretty simple manicure but I kinda like how it turned out. I redid the ring finger about three times, first I was painting the sun but was too unsatisfied so I decided to just go with the stud and I kinda like how it worked together even more! What do you guys think?

Have you had nails influenced by weather types before? What do you think of this manicure?

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Pink & Purple Acrylic-gradient Orbs - Freehand Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you are doing great! Is the weather beautiful where you are?

Yesterday was another fun day out with my sister-in-law and Dutch niece (if you didn't know, I'm so close with Mr Bravo's family we're on those terms even though we are not married.) We went to an aquarium, walked on the beach, got lunch and took a little train tour of the area. It was a lovely!

Today's post is one I've been pushing back however I've been finding myself getting really stressed and having panics about posting certain items (review) I have two lots of manicures that have been done twice over and I'm still really unhappy with them..

So instead I am going to show you some weird acrylic-gradient balls and patterns that I created while in England until I figure those out!

I really don't feel like there is too much to say about this nail art. I think it was the first freehand I did while I was home. I began with my usual base of OPI's 'Nail Envy' and once dry applied 2 layers of H&M's Black polish (Thank you, Super Jodie!) I then created white circles and attempted to create pink-purple gradients within each one. I added some lines – all freehand (please forgive!) and added a layer of Catrice's 'Matte & More' to give it all a slightly pinky tint!

I am surrounded by notes and lists of what needs to be posted on what dates and you guys have mentioned before how I seem to keep such a good schedule and mostly it is fine – it works for me. But when I have a couple of things that just don't work I get flustered and want to redo them until I am at last 'ok' about them myself. Especially if I am using products I like, I want to show them in the best possible ways. Tomorrow I'll get out in the countryside (sorta) on the bike, let my mind refresh and get back to re-doing and reorganizing!

What do you think of my strange matte pattern nails? Do you prefer seeing light or dark colours when it comes to matte nails?

Have yourself a fantastic day! I'll be back again on Saturday with some more nail art, hope to see you then!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Little Foxy, Just'a Blowing Bubbles - Freehand Fox Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you are having a fantastic week so far?
Tell me something awesome that's happened or that you are looking forward to! - I love finding out how you are all getting on.

Today's manicure it a huge mistake.. as in.. I had intended to add some items that were for a review post and it just didn't go together at all. That considered I decided to post it without the 3D parts. I'm just not sure how I feel about this manicure, I feel like I might have done an immature looking scribble on my nails. And a terrible one at that.

For this manicure I began with my usual base of OPI's 'Nail Envy' (Although I have now been converted!) and once dry applied two smooth coats of Barry M's 'White'. Again I allowed this to dry and then added a barrier coat of my Pro-FX top coat. I then moved on to paint my meadow-like scene and my Mr Fox who seems quite content to just sit blowing bubbles all day using my fave acrylics and brushes. As a final touch I added a layer of Wet 'N' Wild's matte top coat.

I'm not sure what it is I am not loving with this manicure.. I think maybe the fox himself but as I've know... You guys are much better judges so you can tell me what you think! :)

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Have a beautiful day, I'll catch you again on Thursday!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

10ml Born Pretty Store Chameleon Nail Polish In 224 - Born Pretty Store Review

*This post contains an item(s) that was provided for reviewing purposes however I will as always give my full and honest opinion.

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you are having a fabulous weekend so far! This week feels much quieter than last week but I've been keeping busy. I get a bit antsy being too idle.

This Saturday I got up fairly early, had some lovely soya milk and mixed nuts (Hey look, I'm taking better care of myself! - I'm improving my regular eating habits rather than not eating until 4pm..)
I got another review post sorted out and in the afternoon I went for lovely bike ride in the sunshine. I found an entire new route that took me to Mr Bravo's Nan's house – and found a new way back. I saw sail boats, people water skiing...Being out in the beautiful weather makes my soul sing!

Anyway... Today I have my second '10ml Chameleon Nail Polish' to share with you from The BornPretty Store.
Just as with the first Born Pretty Store duochrome I reviewed I am wearing this polish on top of black which is what the store recommends.
DO we want to see what happens when I wear them on white nail polish? LET ME KNOW! I can make it happen!

This polish is another version of the previous chrome polish I showed you recently as this one turns from a beautiful golden chartreuse green shade, through to teal and can look quite blue in low lighting. I would say this is quite a pretty
peacock type polish. As with the first polish that colour shift is quite strong as you can see from my picture, especially towards the sides of my nails where the lighting and shadows differ.

I'm going to cut straight to the point here. If you read my review on the Purple/Goldduochrome (221) from the Born Pretty Store I'm pretty delighted to tell you that they are very consistent in formula. I had very little trouble with the first nail polish and that has followed through with this second one.

They can be a little unforgiving in the sense that.. if you have any slight issues with your base colour (in this case black) then it will probably highlight it, hindering such a flawless finish. A good example of this is my middle nail where the base colour had slightly bubbled. The metallic duochrome really highlights it! The only other thing that may slightly put people off is that it can leave the nails with quite a brush-strokey look to the nails, not easy to avoid. I don't really mind or notice it too much but I know some people hate that.

All in all I really like this polish, perhaps even more than the first one. There are no real complaints in terms of application, dry time is fantastic just like her sister and.. I just love those colours!
I would recommend it if you are looking to increase your duochrome collection on a budget.

What do you think of this polish? Did you prefer this polish to the last one I showed you?

Thank you for stopping by again my friends. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, DO let me know what you've been up to! I'll catch you again on Tuesday!


Friday, 5 August 2016

Freehand Syncronized Swimmers - Mighty IG Olympic Collab

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing? I hope you had a fantastic week! I think this weekend will be much more quieter and homey than last weekend. What do you have planned?

Last month or so I was invited by the ever so wonderful Dani, (@Stormysway97 On IG - Owner of Facebook's 'Tiny Canvas') to take part in a huuuge Olympic collaboration over on Instagram. The wonderful thing about this collaboration is that I have made so many new friends and met some amazing nail artists that I might not have discovered other wise!!

Dani gave us a massive picture showing all the sports that take part at the Olympics and we were all able to pick which one we would like to represent on our nails. I decided to go for synchronized swimming because I thought I could draw lots of teeny tiny cute ladies! My ladies turned out a little like rag dolls but to be fair... fitting 4 or so entire bodies on one nail isn't the easiest challenge I've faced.

I began with my usual base coat of OPI's 'Nail Envy' and once dry applied two smooth coats of Barry M's 'White'. I applied a thin coat of my Pro-FX top coat and then moved on to my acrylics, starting with different shades of blue to create the water. I decided to have some floating ladies all joining hands, some doing arm movements. I sealed it all in with my Pro-FX top coat and added Wet 'N' Wild's matte top coat because I love seeing freehand matte!  It was also mandatory to include the Olympic symbol in our designs so I added it to one of my ladies!

Considering how small they were I am quite happy with this design, I think they came out fairly cute. Sure I can see a few brush strokes gone crazy here and there with their facial features but all in all.. I kinda like it!
Will you be following the Olympics? What do you think of my tiny swimming ladies?

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Have a beautiful day weekend, My friends!  I'll catch you again on Sunday!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Freehand Pokemon Go Go Go! Mew Nails

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you are having a fabulous week so far.
Not much to really tell you about here, things are slowly slipping back to the normal routine. I had a lovely bike ride in the sunshine yesterday after a very unproductive day (everything was just going wrong) and the fresh air felt wonderful. I actually went pretty far, further than I have before!

Guys... you know you can tell me anything, right? Have you tried Pokémon Go? Even a little bit?
It is HUGE here in Holland.. and well..the rest of the world it seems. I can actually pick out who is playing it. If your not tapping, or swiping you are probably on a pokexpiditon! I was a huge Pokemon kid back in the day. Gosh I feel old saying that. I remember when the original gameboy games came out, I'd spend hours sat in a tree in a field with my best friend swapping and playing Pokémon in the sun! You'd always have to hope that no one would notice the tv remote batteries are gone and that they would last through mighty gym battles, baha! I was a good kid..

Since its been so crazy-popular I decided it was only right to do some sort of Pokémon nail art.

I decided to paint Mew because I always thought he was so cute and cuddly looking. I also went for the Masterball because... well yeah. You need one to catch him :)

For this manicure I began with my favorite base coat of OPI's 'Nail Envy' (Although I may have been converted) and once dry applied two coats of Barry M's 'White'. I locked that down with my Pro-FX top coat. Next I used variations of purples and blues to create a water colour look. You can see my video on how to do that here. I then freehanded Mew and the pokéball using my favorite brushes and acrylic paints. I also added a ton of stars but they didn't show up too well..

I kinda wish I had gone much bolder with the background, I think Mew is a little washed out. I also had a ton of trouble with his eyes which I'm a bit 'meh' about... Still. Pokémon nails!

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I'll be back on Friday with some more nail art fun. Have yourself a super beautiful day!

Monday, 1 August 2016

10g Dazzling Glitter & Freehand Watermelons - Born Pretty Store Review

*This post contains an item(s) that was provided for reviewing purposes, however I will as always give my full and honest opinion.

Allo polish Pals! 
How are you all doing today? What kind of a weekend did you have? Let me know your weekend highlight :)  The weekend was CRAZY-FUN for me! - normally I am telling you that not much happened!

Me and Mr Bravo traveled to Bramant in Holland and got to catch up with my sister and family! I know it wasn't long since I was home but considering I've seen them very few times this year it was so nice, and so much fun! We had lunch out, we ordered them Dutch food they had not tried and I got to see my two favorite little friends (niece and nephew!) and of course it was lovely to have a weekend away too. All with so much thanks Mr Bravo's brother and sister in law who helped us meet up at the right places and so on :) I'm thinking of compiling a life style post (Wow, a first!) just to cover the last few weeks. Mr Bravo and I ended up stopping in Rotterdam in between our train and subway rides on the way home. The weather was gorgeous. We don't always get to do fun stuff.. and we could. SO WE DID. :)
Today I have a review of '10g Dazzling Nail Art Glitter 7 Colours' from The Born PrettyStore to share with you. I'll be showing you the '8840' colour choice.

I want to start by saying I don't tend to use loose glitters like this too often. I guess the reason why I do chose them when I do is because I see so many really cool indie polishes packing a ton of unique glitter colours and shapes and I get a lemming so bad! This is actually when I ended up picking this colour selection!

This comes in a little screw top bottle and contains 10g worth of glitter, and let me tell you something... the bottle is packed! You'll get a lot to play with although I doubt most people want to cover all of their entire nails. Or you can, you do what makes you happy!

Just for my readers, with love.
The glitters come in bright green, bright pink, metallic blue and white hexagons as well as little bars of white glitter.... I suppose these are perfect for some fancy glitter placement but I looked at the bottle.. and then I looked inside my heart...And I decided to pat it all on! Cover the nail! Let there be (neon) light!...Ahem.. I sealed it all in with my top coat and removed any excess from around my nails.

Since applying my top coat they seem to have stayed on pretty well. I am not finding bits everywhere!I really like the colour combination and the sizing of the glitter pieces.I really, really like them and I also love the idea of having a few more colour variations to go with freehand designs.

I decided to do some rough sketchy bluey/green lines and added my freehand watermelon pieces on top. I am sure you guys would find amazing ways to wear this but I thought wearing it as a full accent nail would be a really fun thing to pair with my watermelon freehand art.

What do you think? Do you like this freehand/glitter combination? How would you wear this glitter?

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Have a beautiful day my friend, Catch ya again on Wednesday!