Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gold Flitters - N.Nail's Circular Flat Gold Studs Review

Allo polish Pals!
Hope you've had a great week and an even better weekend! Did you do anything fun? I'm still full of disgusting cold but yesterday I managed to go with Mr Bravo and his nan to the market and out for lunch. I can tell you it wasn't easy, every time I move my head I feel just awful! Bleugh! Thank you SO much for all the happy get well messages, you guys are the best! On a happier note I have some more products from KKCENTERHK to share with you. I've reviewed quite a lot of the N.Nail range of nail art accessories and have not been disappointed. Today I am showing you how I chose to wear N.Nail's Studs Circular Flat Gold 4mm Nail Art Decorations.

Remember you can get 10% off all products from KKCENTERHK when you use the coupon code  'ithinitybeauty'

I simply love these beautiful little studs. They are simple but so classy. When I first saw them in the packet I wasn't 100% sure. That was until I took some out to inspect them and saw how beautiful and shiny they are. The manicure I created is quite... in your face but you can easily wear these with so many colours and simple designs. I also really love the size of these studs, they are 4mm in diameter. For me they sit very nicely on the nail and I have no trouble with edges sticking out too much. I applied these ontop of my top coat and they stayed on for a really good amount of time – And this was with usual jobs such as laundry and washing my hair. If your looking for some gold studs I highly recommend these.

For this manicure I used two coats of Yes Love's 'N025' and applied a generous lashing of Nail's Inc's 'Fleet Street' on top. I then applied my studs and used Oumaxi paint in black to create some simple swirls/circles to surround the studs.

What do you think of this manicure, do you think its 'too much'? Have you used gold studs for nail art before?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Simple Stripes & Holographic Tape

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you are all well! Sorry for my mini disappearing act, I've been busy looking for my immune system since my last post. It seems like a lot of people are suffering from summer colds at the moment and I am one of them. I've felt pretty rotten and I am pretty gross right now. I hope you guys are feeling healthier than me! Today I felt well enough to attempt a simple manicure. Its nothing fancy (The original idea was so much cooler) but I do really like the colours :)

So, for this manicure I started with two coats of Yes Love's 'K025' (the light grey) on my thumb, index and pinkie nails. Using a combination of Yes Love's '364' and 'G2-2 I created stripes and added these two polishes to my ring and middle finger. To finish off my stripes I added some deluxe holographic striping tape and some of the N.Nail sweet series gems. I also added a white heart on my ring finger using white Oumaxi paint (Via Sammy Dress)

What do you think of this very simple manicure? Do you use striping tapes for manicures or do you only use them to create lines and then remove the tape?

Have a great day!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Manicure Swap With Andreea of Ditta Nail Design & Art

Allo polish Pals!
Happy weekend to you all, yay for Friday! I hope you are all well, do you have any exciting plans? I'll be heading to the market tomorrow and then out to lunch with Mr Bravo which will be nice.
For this post I have to tell you about my amazing friend, Andreea from Ditta's Nail Design andArt. I met Andreea several months ago through facebook when there was the '#sharethelove' movement going on. It was a great event and lots of people shared their nail art pages and exchanged links. Since then I talk regularly with Andreea and I consider her to be such a great friend, in fact we talk most days! Sometimes we even share our manicures and get advice from each other on our designs.She is a very kind and sweet person and I am glad I got to meet her!

We decided to do a manicure swap recently, I recreated her 'River Stone's' manicure and she decided to recreate my pink and green polka dot manicure. Lets take a look!

 On the left is my version of Andreea's beautiful river stone manicure, I decided for a blue base as I am not too keen on my slightly stained nails. I think Andreea's manicure is beautiful.
On the right is Andreea's recreation of my pink and green nails. I think Andrea did a great job and I love the single lined dots.

This was my first ever swap and I am really glad I got to do this with Andreea. Don't you think its fun to see how unique the different versions are from each original? Please don't forget to check out Andreea's blog to see all her other beautiful nail art :)
If any body would like to participate in a manicure swap please let me know!

Have a great day

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Barry M: Dragonfruit Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I wanted to say a huge thank you for letting me know that my last post made some of you laugh, I'm pleased to say that my nail is still ripped but is completely in the same condition with the miracle of tea bag repairing! Crisis averted! And so the painting continues :) We also have our niece staying over at the moment which means typing is very hard – I am the sort of person who will end up typing what I hear someone say instead of what I'm thinking to type so excuse me if in the next three weeks I am scrambled!

Today I have a simple swatch and review to show you ~ However I couldn't pass by Barry M's 'Dragonfruit' without giving it an exceptional rating, lets see why, shall we?

Colour ~ I would describe Dragonfruit as a light pink with very delicate and subtle silver shimmer which shows very softly on the bottle but does not translate strongly when applied. I also happen to think this is a really flattering shade that works well with many colour combinations when used with nail art.

Application ~ Another huge bonus of this polish is that it has the same great quality as many of the other Gelly polishes from Barry M – it applies very smoothly and has that wonderful self leveling. God, a girl's gotta love that in a polish! I had no trouble with application however I rush a little on my ring finger which caused two tiny bubbles - I really must stress that this was entirely my fault and is not something that happens when I use this polish otherwise.

Texture ~ It has a great texture, not too thick or too thin and the end result is a beautiful vinyl like finish which is perfectly beautiful with or without a top coat. It has a wonderfully smooth consistency.

★★★★★/5 I can not find a fault with this polish at all, I love the wonderfully warm and feminine colour and application, dry time and end result are totally worth it. If you've not tried a Barry M Gelly yet I really recommend you do!

I hope you enjoyed this beamingly positive review,
Have a great evening!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Big Drama, Little Nails. Holographic Stamping & MoYouNails

It was a warm dusky summer evening and the air was heavy. She was feeling lethargic as she lay on the bed resting the dull ache within her ribs. The clock read 9.05pm and she smiled knowing it was a good time for a glass of wine and yet another episode of Bate's Motel. She drew the make shift table which once began life as a cardboard box on the bed closer to herself and admired the collection of beautiful polishes and tools that laid out before her. Heaven. She gasped in shock at the latest drama's in her new favorite tv show as she rubbed the cotton pad over her nails, absent mindlessly removing the traces of blue and green polish that had once been worn with pride. There was a snag. Her eye's instantly darted to her finger nails and in sheer horror and disbelieve she gasped at the rip in her middle finger. It was a rip, defiantly a rip, no two ways about it. She ran down the two flights of stairs and into the kitchen, swinging kitchen cupboards open in a crazed frenzy and began searching for her miracle. She gave a sigh of relief as she found what she was looking for, an old forgotten tea bag that wouldn't be missed! ...But she knew this was far from over. As she dragged her defeated body back up stairs she surveyed the spread laid out on the box, deciding and undecided on a course of action... With a heavy heart she picked up the clippers and knew...Things would never be the same again...

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Harsh Vibrancy With A Mixture Of Everything

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Happy mid week to ya! This week is flying by but then again they all seem to be! I'm excited that next month I'll be visiting my family back in England ~ Yay! Also it will be crazy here tonight in Holland as Argentina are playing against Holland – I'm not a huge football fan but I do love how patriotic everyone seems here with celebrating their team! Last night I came up with a manicure which I really wasn't sure about but strangely enough it began to grow on me. I decided to recreate it today (I'm pretty much a lazy arse right now since I can not move so much with the pain to my ribs) to see what you guys think. Here's my blue, green and black creation with half moons and straight lines!

On all my nails (Except my ring finger) I began with two coats of Yes Love's Black polish, I then used a reinforcement ring to tape off my half moon shape and applied Yes Love's #007 (Or Kermit green as I prefer to call it) Next I used striping tape to add straight block lines of Anny's 'Blue Bikini Girl' and sponged on a little of Color Club's 'Cool Metal' to the tips. Finally...! For my ring finger I started with two coats of Yes Love #007 and again used the same black to create a half moon. I then applied B.O Calabash's blue sequin glitter on top.

So what do you guys think of this manicure? I don't think I have paired straight lines with half moons – do you think it works or is it OTT?

Have a great evening!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Yes Love: N030 Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
Hope you are all doing well today? I'm so sorry for my lack of posting the past week. I've had so many idea's I wanted to do and show you but I've just been struggling a little bit. I still have the most awful pain in my ribs and its really squashed my painting inspiration. So I thought for today I would show you a swatch of Yes Love's #N030, come see!

Colour ~ N030 Is a beautiful vibrant kingfisher blue/green, or perhaps we can call it a medium teal. Unfortunately I wasn't have a good picture day because I feel it is more vibrant to the actual eye than my pictures show.

Application ~ As you may remember with the other Yes Love polishes I have shown you I had no trouble at all with application, it seems to be quite self levelling and dries to a beautiful flawless glossy finish. I had a few bubbles but I swear that is just my fault for rushing the painting process. Besides that I had no troubles at all; Also it had quite an amazing dry time.

Texture ~ I'm going to have a guess and call this one a crème because of its beautiful finish. Its also quite a nice texture to apply, not too thick and not too thin.

★★★★/5 With all things considered I think this is a pretty great nail polish, I love the shade and the vibrancy is so striking. When you remember that the dry time is also exceptional and the application is smooth and dreamy what's not to love?

What do you think of the Kingfisher teal shade? Would you wear a colour like this?
Have a lovely day, I hope to bring you something more exciting very soon!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

'Swimming Lesson's ' With N.Nail's Orange Duck And Chicken Water Decals

Allo polish Pals
How are you today? I hope you've been having a great week? This week has past me in a blur, really. I've not been feeling so great which is why I am going to keep this post really short as I seem to be struggling to make sentences which make any sense. Today I am going to show you how I chose to wear these cute 'N.nail orange duck and chicken water decals' from KKCENTERHK.

You can get a 10% discount at KKCENTERHK when you use the code 'ithinitybeauty'
These cute little water decal stickers come in a pack of around 30 deigns including large and small and two designs of chicks and ducks. I personally love the little chickens because they have a really cute fluffy butt. I found these stickers to be just as easy to apply as N.Nails other water decals which means I simply cut my design out and use tweezers to hold it under water for 20 seconds or so. I am then able to easily slide the ducks off of the backing paper and apply to the required area.

For these nails I began by using two coats of Guylond's light blue which was part of a gradient set. I then took Ozotic's '903 sugar' to add some really subtle polka dots. Next I used Oumaxi Paints (Via Sammy Dress) to create some water on the tips of my nails. Finally I added my desired water decals to where I wanted them.

What do you guys think of this chicl manicure? Do you like to incorporate water decals into your designs?

Hope you have a great evening and if you are celebrating July 4th tomorrow I hope you have a fantastic time!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day 19: Galaxy Nails (A very poor attempt with pigments)

Allo polish Pals,
How are you today? I hope your having a sparkly week so far? This is just going to be a quick post for me tonight since I am feeling a little worse for wear and I am utterly ashamed at this manicure! Day 19 of the 31DNAC means galaxy nails and I love creating pigment nails so I assumed I could combine the two however the end result has me just...horrified...

On my thumb, index and pinkie I applied two coats of Barry M's 'Plum' gelly polish. My other two fingers began with two coats of Barry M's 'Blackberry'. While applying my second coats I added my pigments (From Pureluxe and Meow cosmetics) I finished this with a top coat and added some 'stars' with my white acrylic paint from Oumaxi (Via SammyDress)

There's no two ways about it. I hate it. I don't know what happened, I've created some really striking pigment manicures before and while this looks so nice in natural light my pictures just look... bleh. The colours just look murky in my opinion..I guess you can't win always.

What do you think of this attempt at a galaxy? Do you think pigment shadows are a good way to create the look?

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Day 18: Half Moon Nails

Allo polish Pals!
Wow, didn't the weekend fly by? Bring it back! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, what did you get up to? I had a super spring clean today and am feeling pretty tired, I decided Monday might be my new Sunday – I deserve a lie in tomorrow! So for the 18th day of the 31 day nail art challenge I needed to create a half moon manicure. This is the simple manicure I created.

So on all my nails I started with two coats of Herôme's 'Kingston' which is a very light beige/gold with the most subtle holographic finish (I fail to get my camera to pick this up) and used reinforcement rings to create my half moons. I then painted on top with Orly's 'Terra Mauve'. Finally I used a fan brush to add a little few sketchy lines of Sinful Colors 'Dancing Nails' to add a little textured look.

What do you lovely ladies think of this manicure? Have you created a half moon manicure before; What colours did you decide to wear together?

Have a beautiful start to the week!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Day 17: Glitter!

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Are you excited for the weekend? I've had a pretty odd week; There have been some amazing points and some less so good but yesterday I went to get my 'fro fixed at the hair dressers. My hair is... 'Difficult' at the best of times. Since my dad originally came from the small island of St Helena I have some pretty crazy big hair which I've never much been able to manage in its curly frizzy natural form but now I am quite proud of my lions mane! Maybe it only took me 26 years to figure my hair out without relying on hair straighteners! Here's day 17 of the 31DNAC which is a call for glitter nails.

Its a pretty simple manicure. I was all “Oh, glitter? Wow this one will be easy to pick out some polish for!”.... Nope. In the end I decided to settle on this really simple white gold style glitter even though I had more unusual ones to show you.

So on all my nails excluding my index and middle finger I applied two coats Black Onyx's '118' and added Hema's #23 glitter to the tips. On my remaining nails I used two coats of Color Clubs 'Antiqued Gold' and applied Sally Hansen's 'Resurrection' to the center. I finished by adding a little bit of glitter to these too.

What do you think of this manicure? Blinging brilliant or glitter over dose?

Have a beautiful Friday!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Day 16: Tribal Nails

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope your all well and had a good week so far? I can't believe we're already half way through the week and I apologise immensely for the lack of posts. It was one thing after the other this week, I created a manicure I was so proud of only for my batteries to completely die. And so did the next four batteries. And the next four. They were really not intended for my power hungry camera! Finally I have my post for you and its day 16 of the 31 day nail art challenge which calls for... Tribal Nail Art!

Opps.. Please excuse the slightly purple hue to my ring finger... durrp!

As you can see I decided to go down a different route for this tribal nail art; Since I had already done a few tribal manicures in the past I wanted to try something else.

For this manicure I started by applying two coats of Yes Love's white polish for my base and created an alternating gradient of pink and blue on each nail using Model's Own 'Bubble Gum' and Gabrini's 'no4' neon blue. I then used a mixed of white and purple from my Oumaxi paints (Via Sammy Dress) and Kiss nail art stripe pens in 'Soft Blue' and 'Pink'.

I'd also just like to remind you that you can follow my blog on twitter and instagram, come follow along if you are not already.

What do you ladies think of my tribal manicure? Do you think gradients and tribal can work together?

Hope you have a fabulous day!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Day 15: Delicate Print & MoYouNails Review

* This product(s) was sent to me to review but as always will contain my full and honest opinion :)

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope your having a better weekend than I am; Sometimes its like when something goes wrong then every decides to go wrong. Ah well. By the way, I hope you enjoy the new look to my blog. If you have any troubles with anything please let me know! Today I have day 15 of the 31 day nail art challenge which calls for delicate print. I am also sharing my review of which I was fortunate enough to receive some items to review. This might be a long post so please please please click the 'read more' link below.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Day 14: Flowers

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you are all well :) Today I did some more power walking and all the usual boring house chores; However it is quite nice to get things done early in the day! For today's post I have day 14 of the 31 day nail art challenge which calls for flower nail art. I am not a fan of what I have created... I love the colours but I hate everything else about this manicure due to my own skills...Or lack of.

I was recently treated to my first ever Orly nail polishes so I couldn't wait to use them! On my ring finger I applied two coats of Orly's 'Moonlit Madness' and added a few gems to the top of my nail. On all my remaining fingers I used Orly's 'Chantilly Peach' (fabulous colour, I look forward to swatching this for you) and stamped (terribly) using Bundle Monster's 318 plate.

I would love this because of the flower design and the colours combined make my eyes happy but my stamping today but just left me a little deflated. I've always said stamping is something I could do with improving on but I think that the 31 day challenge will surely help as the next challenge is 'delicate print' which I'm not sure is a freehand kind of job?

What do you think of this manicure? Do you find it lack-lustre too?

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 13: Animal Print

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Are you feeling fabulous about this week? I had a great weekend staying with mine and Mr Bravo's friends. Even though my stomach condition was a real nightmare I am glad that I went! This week I am embarking on being a little healthier; I even went power walking today (I got alot of really weird looks from strangers, maybe they don't power walk here in Holland!) so here's hoping I feel better for it! Today is day 13 of the 31 day nail art challenge for me which calls for animal print. I'm a real sucker for this colour combination, lets see what you guys think!

On all my nails I started with two coats of Color Club's 'Nomadic In Nude' and created my leopard print nails by using two dotting tools, Essie's 'The More The Merrier' and Yes Love's 'N030'. Simples! I then finished off this manicure by applying my Catrice Gel-like top coat.

While it is a really simple manicure I do really love the combination of the Yes Love blue and 'The More The Merrier'!

What do you think of this manicure? Do you like these colours together?

Hope you have a beautiful day!