Freehand Alien Nail Art - Into Space!

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope the weekend was kind to you?
I feel like I wasn't kind enough to myself, too many late nights and deep thinking, sometimes deep thinking is great but you need to be aware of when its not helpful.

Anyway, today's nail art is one I am hesitant about showing you. I'm not really feeling it, I hope that maybe you guys will like it at least. The feeling of being displeased with my work has lessened than how it was a year ago. Back then I would hate everything I had created, I'd create a manicure three times over and still be unsatisfied with the results and not post any of them – I credit my turn around to you guys because while I was always so hard on myself you showed me nothing but kindness and encouragement. So.. I'll share it because you guys always seem to like what I hate. Ha.

Today's nail art was created for the weekly challenge over on Tiny Canvas, our current running theme is 'Into Space' – I had big hopes for this nail art.


10ml Platinum Starry Bling Colourful Soak Off Nail Polish With Video - Born Pretty Store Review

*PressSample* This post contains an item(s) that was provided for reviewing purposes however I will as always give my full and honest opinion.

Allo polish Pals,

How are you all doing today? Tell me something exciting for you week? :)

In exchange I'll show you today how to paint a really simple duck..Yes a duck. Because you know you've always wanted to paint a duck on your nails... Ahem. I've been messing around with my filming set up and I am hoping to film more of my nail art in action. I am still struggling with positions – the main issue being.. How can I see what I am doing so that you can also see what I'm doing? I'll get there. There may be a few not so interesting video's while I get to grips with it all!

Today I am also reviewing Born Pretty Store's '10ml Born Pretty Platinum Starry Gel Bling Colorful Soak Off Nail Polish' – this a bedazzlin' little number.

Keeping it PG on IthinityBeauty, hello weekend! Let's not give a duck! 


Freehand Pirate Ship & Hidden Treasure Cove Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!

Happy hump day to you all, I hope the week has been kind to you so far. Anything new with you?

Sadly still no news on when I'll have my passport back.. it doesn't look like I'll be able to go on the nail course in November but I wont dwell over it. Instead I'll aim to find any sort of work and hopefully I can then reconsider my options in the new year. Never give up hope my friends, whatever isn't going right will turn itself around. Life has a funny of working :)

Grab yourself a sexy little tea or coffee and let us begin...Are you ready for a little nail art fun?

Yaaar! All aboard, maties!
We've been sailing the mighty GimmyMcgee ship for the past 30 days, we've endured the roughest sea's the our crew have ever endured. Endless storms and the cruellest waves. We're two shipmates down and running low on supplies. We have one crate of rum left and a sack full of corn kernels left to feed our shipmen. We almost lost our way, sailing out of the storm we were embraced by a blanket of fog. Not only did the fog slumber our common sense's but our minds controlled by the lulling song notes of the most hideous siren the earth has ever seen. Thankfully, at the last minute we realised we were able to snap out of trance and steer our ship back in the right direction.. After a short while we rejoiced, crying with tears when we saw a small island coming to into view..


Pink & Blue Dotty Nails & Oversized Bows

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you had an awesome weekend?

I attempted to film a nail art video yesterday and I'm still feeling the hand cramp. I am just not good at trying to paint with my hand in unusual positions although the way I do paint is probably not how everyone else does it. I think managed to get some shots in focus though so fingers crossed I'll be able to post those soon. It's all practice, I guess! I've a new tripod on the way!

I also finally decided to stop bugging myself and buy a damn desk lamp. It's getting darker earlier and earlier here in England, on a gloomy day its becoming harder to paint. Night time painting isn't even an option. So now I can actually paint whenever I want! - what an exciting life I lead, haha.

Today's nail art is actually a couple days out since I had to rearrange my blog posts but on the 15th September it was 'International Dot Day'. Yeah, really, its a thang. I love finding out about all these wacky and unique days.

Anyway, I figured dots are something most people can do on their nails so I decided to incorporate it in to the Tiny Canvas weekly challenge for this month (I've been taking care of the theme for a couple months, its fun!) I love to join in with the members and do a design for each theme too so here is my dotty manicure. Somehow I feel like this looks rather sophisticated for someone like myself. Like... I'm used to colourful children-book nails.. It feels weird seeing such a uniform design on my nails!


Freehand Loch Ness Monster Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you've had a fantastic week, cheers to the weekend ahead!

Today I have another freehand design for you. I've wanted to do this idea for quite sometime but I couldn't quite work out how I wanted it to look. My idea was to feature the mighty, magical and often debated Loch Ness monster.

I decided not to really follow any references (or theories, rather) and to paint my Nessie as I would like to imagine her, I'm saying 'her' because I really think mine looks rather feminine. I've also painted her to look quite kind and friendly!

Glossy version.

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