ORLY Spring Collection 2018, Pastel City Swatch & Review

*Press Sample - This post contains an item(s) that was provided for reviewing purposes however I will as always give my full, honest and completely unbiased opinion.

Allo polish Pals!

How are you doing today? Happy Hump day to you. It doesn't feel like hump day to me as today I am back at work until Saturday, what an odd working week, don't you think? Still I am excited to go in and see everyone, sale some gorgeous perfume and serve some fabulous customers.

You can not imagine my surprise when a delivery man pulled up at my door last week. I hadn't been expecting any parcels so I assumed that it must have been a delivery for my dad. As the courier man was preparing the electronic signature machine-thingy I saw it. Those sexy bold letters on the side of the box, calling me seductively. O R L Y -  I gasped SO loud that the man jumped back and genuinely looked very bewildered. Awkward...

Do you know what I love about ORLY? They can take a classic idea such as pastels and completely turn it on its head. You wont find any streaky sherbet yellows, no sheer mint greens that'll end up probably unused and unloved in this collection (Ok, I actually like those last two types of polish but this collection is far more fun!)

Metallics are the furtherest thing in my mind when I think about pastels. Metallic pastels? How can the two marry together? Well.. I'm not sure how those little angels in the ORLY HQ managed it but they sure did because this collection oozes with sophistication and sexiness. Prepare to meet a pastel collection unlike any other! 

Huge thanks to my star Sophie and the ORLY team for sending this collection along for me to review and the beautiful and thoughtful card!

Just so you know.. this video resulted in my tea being filled with glitter rsequins!!


Freehand Purple Monochrome Island Nails

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you had a fantastic weekend, did you get any snow or do anything fun? I had a long weekend off, it was surprising how tiring those two full days back at work where! I did a little painting, tidying, organising. Nothing exciting but having Saturday through to Wednesday off is giving me time to get my posts in order and catch up on things I wont be able to do during the end of the week.

Today's nail art is inspired by the challenge over on Tiny Canvas where the theme is currently monochrome. I decided to paint an entire scene only with purple paint. I love painting monochrome however I had absolutely no idea what to paint.. somehow I ended up with a little church on an island which I can't help but think looks a little creepy..


St Patrick's Day Nails

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing? I hope you had an amazing week and have something fun to look forward to this weekend, or even just enjoy it chilling.

I had some news this week, today and yesterday I went back to work at the place I had been working at in December. One of the friends I made there reached out as she is having a family issue and needs to travel to another country. She suggested I could maybe take over her role while she's away so of course I said yes because I wanted to help her. While I'll only be there temporary I did enjoy the job immensely and it'll get me out of the house while I continue looking for work.

In other news..Tomorrow is St Patrick's day so of course we need to don some greenery on our claws for the occasion!



Bertie McBurtlebutton & Ms Blueberry-Baebae Go Water Skiing. Freehand Nail Art

All polish Pals!

How are you all doing today, is your week going well? I feel like I blink past Monday and Tuesday, before I know it we're at hump day. That said its great news if you are looking forward to the weekend and already counting down the days.

Today I have a follow up nail art – have you met Bertie Mcburtlebutton and Ms Blueberry-Baebae Bouffant? They are a couple I've featured in my nail art before. So far they've gone on two dates and poor Bertie has so far failed to impress his lady friend – gotta love a trier.

So far they went on a boating lake in which Ms Bluberry-Baebae had to eat the Marmite and cherry sandwiches he'd packed.. yum. On their second date he took her for a walk around his stately garden.. How much can go wrong there? Well he fell in the pond for a start.

For some reason I guess he thought taking her water skiing would be a fantastic idea for a date. They won't get to talk much so there's little risk of him saying something embarrassing.. He can show off his epic water skiing skills... Maybe not.


Freehand Rainbow Tree Nails

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing, did you have an awesome weekend? Yesterday was Mothers day here – I know in other parts of the world Mother's day is later on in the year. I love my mum so much, we are incredibly close and I value her greatly. I bought her a bouquet of lilies and roses which she loved. Sunday afternoon we went to my sisters house (she literally lives a minute away) and they cooked a roast dinner which was lovely.

Today I have another rainbowy concoction for you. Sorry, but I can never get enough of rainbows. Rainbows make everything better!

I also tried an experiment with this nail art, with some acrylic paint I watered it down to create a metallic shimmery wash (just to swipe over the nails to add a little shimmer) – I added some holographic glitter to it. Since it was in a watery mixture it didn't stick to the nails perfectly but trying new things is always fun!

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