Rockin' The Peacock

Hi everyone, Welcome to the first real post from me, Ithfifi :) Lets cut straight to the polish addiction shall we? I recently got my first order from the fabulous Natalie over at Nail craze after reading about these stamping plates online. Seeing that they where in stock and knowing how quickly these beautiful plates sell out I was quick to nab myself both the magical and butterfly plates immediately! Since I absolutely love peacock colours and feather patterns I decided to give the peacock pattern the first love. I don't know if I am rockin' the peacock but I am enjoying the colours and nail stamp immensely!

Read more to see more pictures.

Stamped using the 'butterfly' nail stamping plate.
Three coloured nail gradient.

Products used:
  • Base coat -Seche Base

  • Nubar - 'Treasure' (The holographic purple)

  • Essie - Beach Bum blue

  • Zoya – Charlie (on the tips)

  • Top coat – Seche Vite

  • When they catch the light they have a glimmering petrol/peacock look. I will definitely be using this gradient paired with the nail plate again!

    Please head over to the Nail craze website to find out more about these plates. You will be able to create so many beautiful looks with these. Not only are they very well priced but incredibly well etched giving you a very clear stunning stamping result even if you are a noob to nail stamping like myself!

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    Lots of love



    1. This is just fabulous! I love the color combination you created and the stamp fits in there so well :) Lovely!

    2. Thank you so much Natalie! It took me a little while to figure out what colours would give me a near peacock colour. I think next time I would add a beautiful royal blue just in the center of the middle part! :)

    3. This mani is simply awesome! Love it

    4. This is so beautiful that it makes me want to do a peacock nail design now. *adds to to-do list* :)


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