Ice Queen Nails.

Happy Sunday polish Pals!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Just a quick little post today on themed 'ice queen nails' I'm not too happy with the results as my first idea's had to be altered. I will explain :)

Ice Queen Nails

A lovely user,">Icerose05
from deviant art sent me a request asking if I could do 'ice queen nails'. I initally had so many ideas for this. My first downfall was that one of my favourite polishes, Breathe Life from OPI actually has no life left in it.. Even with thinner it couldn't be saved which entirely messed up the plans of having spikes/icles as I didn't think any other colour would work as well..Anyway!
Thumb: Essie's Aruba Blue, Nails Inc Regents park to stamp the frost pattern from BM323 plate, tips where dipped in MAC Blue Reflects glitter.
Index Finger: Nails Inc Regents Park with Barry M diamond glitter on top. MAC Blue reflects glitter on the tip.
Middle finger: Same as thumb.
Ring Finger: Nails Inc Regents Park with MAC glitter on the tips.
Pinky Finger: Essie Aruba Blue with a later of Essie's Set In Stone.

So what do you guys think? Do you think it represents the ice element?
Have you done any winter themed nails yet?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies,



  1. I really love your icy tips! I think the Ice Queen theme really comes across with this mani. I haven't done any winter/holiday nails yet, but I am definitely planning on it!

  2. The glitter looks like ice and the color combination is perfect. I did a loveless winter design using this Bundle Monster plate, too.

    1. Thanks Stefanie! Wow we did the same stamp on the same day :O What are the chances? lol. I love your version much more than my own,the colours are beautiful that you used. :)

  3. Great stamping :). I love that snowflake design. It's definitely on my to go list for this week.

    1. Thank you, Louise. Its a beautiful plate huh? I really love what you did with the BM love heart plates! xx

  4. Yeah, it really represents the ice element and an appropriate idea for this season. I totally love this snowflakes design.

  5. Hi!
    Oh wow, loving the silver and blue. Goes so well together and the stamp detail just tops it off. I did a post of 'glitter nails on a budget' but this is a lovely way to add that sparkle if all over glitter isn't your style. Definitely a look I have to try for myself. :)



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