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Allo polish Pals,
How have you been?
I'm still chillaxin' in England as you read this but that doesn't stop another post! Today I have a wonderful guest post for you from Gelic of Gelic Nail Art. I hope you enjoy reading this post and please remember to click the 'read more' link below to read the whole post and check out Gelic's blog for more of her great nail art.
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♥ So Gelic, can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?
I'm a 25 year old girl from Sweden and in blog communities I go by the name Gelic'. I've been interested in nail polish for more than 10 years and started buying loads of cheaper brands in stores when I was very young. For about 5 years ago I started making online nail polish orders and it was also then my nail polish hoarding started for real and with that also my nail art interest which I've done ever since that. 

 ♥ How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start a blog? 
I've been blogging for a little bit more than a year now and it was on a rainy summer day when I was bored and unemployed for the whole summer. ;) 3 years ago I started to photograph each manicure just for fun and for my self and in that rainy day I realized that I had a serious archive that I could share with other people as well. For me it has also been fun to see my own development during the years, from short uneven nails, sloppy nail art and messy cuticles to longer nails with a square nail shape I like more, more advanced nail art than before and at least some what cleaner cuticles ;) 
♥Can you tell us a manicure you are most proud of?  
Hm, I'm one of those people where the glass is half empty, I always want more and always think things could have been done better in some way. However I've labeled my nail art and those labeled 5 are the ones I'm most content (and thereby most proud of) of. Silly me decided to make a collage of the ones I liked the most so far. :)
A collection of Gelic's beautiful creations.
♥ Is there a nail trend that you just don't understand/like?
Hm. Not really. I see a nail art potential in all of the trends out there. For example crackle polish on a regular base is a bit boring but with nail art included it can look so cool. But sure, I was a bit hesitant to the texture polish trend, but bought some anyhow and now I love them. That pretty much how I work. ;) One thing though I can't wear/do is pierced nails, mine would SO break if I'd do that!

♥ What colours do you find yourself reaching for most often? 
 Green! I love green and when I don't know what to do that the first I'm grabbing.
♥ Are there three nail products you can't live without? 
Base coat, fast drying top coat and nail file. For now I use China Glaze's Super Strong Adhesion as a base but I'm not so picky with which base I use. For top coat I use Seche Vite and I could seriously not live without it, it has revolutionized my whole nail polish/nail art experience! And I use glass nail files, most of the time I always have one in my bag to be able to file my nails (if they get a tiny damage which makes me prevent large damages) 24/7

 ♥ Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? 
If the above mentioned didn't turned you off you can visit my blog at My posts are niched about nail polish and nail art and I love when people comment. :)

Thank you Gelic for such a wonderful post! I really recommend you check out her blog to see all her inspiring and creative creations!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Gosh! Great Post! GReaat Idea Ithi, it looks so professional like a real magazine interview! And also Gelic nails rock so hard! <3

    1. Thank you Natalie, Gelic was lovely to feature, I was so thankful she took part and I was really honored she wanted to participate! Gelic had great answers (I learnt lots!) and as always just the best nail art to show! ALL credit has to go to her for this post :)

  2. Thank you Ithi! :D I thought you where going to make 2 or 3 posts of it but one worked as well as that! :D And thank's for letting me guest blog here! <3

    1. Your welcome, lovely! I hope its ok that I made it one post? I wanted it to be a full feature interview type thing :D Thank you so much for taking part its great to feature your blog! :) <3

  3. Wow, so cool to read your blog post here Gelic! Loved it. And you know I love your blog. Great nail art and great manicures. I really the one with animal print in yellow, orange and black, it's soooo fantastic.
    And now I found another great blog through your guest blogging, thank's. :-)

  4. I can't answer directly under your text but of cause it was okay! :D It really looked like an interview! :D Also fun that more people (other than you and me haha) seems to appreciate :D

  5. Great post! Gelic is such a skilled nail art artist!

  6. Great post, great interview, I really loved reading through all of it!!! And yep, I came over from Gelic's she is such a creative and skilled nail artist, not to mention an utterly sweet girl!!!


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