Essie: Sunday Funday Swatch & Review ★★★★ /5

Allo polish Pals!
Did you have a great weekend? Most things this weekend got turned upside down for us, I had planned some weekend post but unluckily it just didn't happen. Yesterday we went out to visit Mr Bravo's Grandma. We were treated to some yummy roast beef and watched a film from 1945 called 'The Wonder Man' which was hilarious. By the time we got home and sat down I was just ready for sleep-time. Anyway, while I get myself back on track, refreshed and ready with new nail art to show you I am going to share my swatch and review of Essie's 'Sunday Funday'.

Colour ~ 'Sunday Funday' is a beautiful warm coral with a subtle silver shimmer. I would say this polish borders closely on the neon-line. I found this one incredibly hard to photograph since my camera seems to have an adverse fear to orange which meant a lot of the pictures came out more pinker than it looks in person.

Application ~ I had no trouble with application however I did see a few bubbles. I can only blame myself. Be wary of letting each coat dry before applying the next. I guess that's common sense but I don't have a lot of that, not when I am am applying polish first thing in the morning in a hurry!

Texture ~ Sunday Funday has a great texture, its what I'd say is my ideal consistency in that it isn't too thick or on the watery side. I managed to get perfect coverage in just two coats.

★★★★ /5 ..
I do love this polish and I think its super cute for summer, I don't like designated shades for certain seasons but this will look so pretty in the sun light and really makes me think of beach nails! If your a fan of coral shades and subtle gentle shimmer this is on for you!

What do you think of Sunday Funday? Does your collection hold a coral shade you love?

Have a beautiful day!


  1. I really like this one, coral shades is so pretty in spring and summer. :-)

  2. Looks wonderful on your nails! bright and shiny- I am happy to buy it!
    Have a lovely afternoon :)

  3. Gorgeous and delicious color! Really love it. I looks more orange to me in real life ;)

  4. I must say I'm not a coral lover in general, if it's not nail art involved with it, then I'm on! :D

  5. wow,this bright color suit superb on your nails ! this is the lovely shape for spring ITHI ! so provoking :-) for Mrs Bravo brother :-) ha ha !

  6. I absolutely adore coral nail polish! This one is one of my favorites.

  7. I lovee this polish!
    It covers your nails just perfect ;)

    Xx Julia

  8. A beautiful colour and I love the addition of the silver shimmer xx

  9. such a pretty color :) makes me want to be in a beach somewhere :)

  10. wow this is a really beautiful polish!! i love the shimmer!


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