Manicure Swap With Robin of Roaring Nails

Allo polish Pals!

How are you? I hope your going to have an exciting weekend! As you are reading this I am probably on the plane, or have arrived in England! Yaaaay! That doesn't mean I don't have a good post to show you. I've been in talks with the lovely Robin of Roaring Nails – Have you seen her blog? She is an incredibly sweet and lovely lady who comes up with nail art designs that always blow me away. She has such precision and her nail art is always flawless in my opinion. Skills! I recently discovered we share a love of sushi – sushi lovers unite! Of course I had to ask her if she would be interested in doing a manicure swap with me and I was delighted when she agreed. Robin decided to recreate my pigment nails and in turn I chose to recreate her beautiful 'Minty Window' Nails.

To start us off on this epic adventure we have ABOVE my pigment nails on the left, and Robin's beautiful creation on the right. Her version is so beautiful and I just love it! Robin did something SPECIAL to add to her pigment manicure. I could tell you everything but I really advice you go visit her blog to see what extra detail she put into her manicure. You've seen my tutorial but Robin stepped it up! Much loves!
Left: My recreation of Robin's Minty Windows. Right: Robin's stunning and original design.

I have to say I found this manicure really challenging, it was really hard to get a perfectly neat square on the nails so I really admire how amazing Robin's original manicure looked. I was up for the challenge but I really don't think I could have done these nails justice. I did one thing slightly different to Robin's Minty Windows. The square was supposed to be negative space which means removing all the polish within that square but I hate my stained nails so much that I added a very thin layer of nude polish. I think this is where my lines became unnecessarily messy.

For my recreation I used two coats of Essie's 'Minty Candy Apple' and once dried I then used tape to create my square window. I then removed the polish within that square using nail polish remover. I then added a very thin coat of Paris Memories nude polish and added my gold flakes with Nails Inc's 'Fleet Street'.
I absolutely love Robins recreation. The fact she added a spray marble on top is simple amazing. The effect on Robin's nails are outstanding. Robin has yet again inspired me to try something new just by doing my own manicure. I am inlove with her nails, their shape and her amazing attention with cleaning up and having perfect nails. Robin did a super job with the pigment nails!!! <3 br="">

I'd like to say a massive thank you to Robin, it's been great getting to know her and to take on her beautiful and challenging manicure. If you have not already checked out her blog please, please, please do! You will fall in love with her designs as much as I did :)

Have a great day my polish Pals,
Much love from England!


  1. fantastic idea, I know and love Robin designs. All designs are fantastic Ithi, really gorgeous nail art :)

  2. Great mani! I really like them both :-)

  3. Great manicure again! Cool to make a mani swap! :-)
    I hope you'll have a wonderful stay in England! Take care! <3

  4. wow these manicures look so cool indeed!
    I love this mani swap, such an unique idea! :)

  5. oo , yes , you both did fantastic manicure ! it is so cute to see all of them ! bravo !


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