Essie: Vibrant Vibes Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

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I have a swatch and review for you today, this is a polish which was recently gifted to me by Mr Bravo's sister. Although we're not actually married we call each other sister in law, she really is a wonderful lady and I am so glad to have met her and have her in my life! Today we're looking at 'Vibrant Vibes' from Essie.

Colour ~ 'Vibrant Vibes' is a beautiful bright neon spring green/apple green shade.

Application ~ I applied two coats coats for these pictures as I was in speed-swatch mode which means I had a wet coat when I applied my second. Even with this going against it I still had no real issues with my application. It is incredibly self leveling and I believe with a little extra time on my hands my thumb would have been near perfect. Very fast drying.

Texture ~ More on the watery side but still applies really smoothly and not too runny. Dries to a semi matte smooth looking finish.

Recommend it to a friend? 100% if she didn't have anything like this in her collection!

★★★/★★/5 Totally worthy of a fantastic four stars. Colour, application and texture are all really desirable in a polish and you gotta love that self leveling magic!

What do you think of this bright green polish? Do you own anything simular?

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Great colour, I love it! And it's snowing here :D

  2. beutiful and energetic shade of green- I like it very much :)

    1. Yes that's a perfect description, Fife! Thank you! :)

  3. Thank you, A.Notcopyacat! I like it too! And yay for snow! xx

  4. So generously! I like such colours. As a rule, I get mani/pedi at the nail salon and they have all possible colour palette. Moreover, their nail salon prices are very reasonable.

  5. This is my favorite neon green polish :D I owe a neon green but it more like yellow than green. Come to think of it I never use that polish :)

  6. I never seem to have the perfect color green for what I need so I don't wear green often but this polish is a great color!

  7. Really beautiful color... The green apple description is right on!

    The blogger brick wall is a fun idea :) I can't see it right now because I'm on my phone... I'll have to remember to add myself to it when I get home!

  8. It sounds like you have a great relationship with your sister in law, that's very sweet! What a lovely polish as well :)


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