Freehand Pond Manicure And Evil Eye

Allo polish Pals!
How are we doing today? I hope you had a wonderful weekend, did you do anything nice?
 I always love to hear what you are going to be getting up to! I was far more busy last week than I normally am and I loved it!

I feel like this nail art is aptly timed, in the nail community I spend a lot of time in there have been quite a few nail breaks going on, some serious n. I feel like we should take the evil eye talisman to ward off all the evil going on that is causing all these nails to break!

Not really.. I've always liked the symbol after seeing it in Greece on my vacation breaks. Of course it is spreads through many cultures and countries besides Greece and the meaning can differ slightly but mostly it is used to see off bad intentions, jealousy, evil.. basically. It protects its wearer from any such curse or negativity. I also could be slightly wrong.
If it means something different in your culture I would love to know!

I had wanted to do a pond manicure for agggges. I've only ever done one before, using the same polish as I am using right now but it just works so well for it!
I began with my OPI Nail Envy base coat and one dry I added some dots using Barry M's 'White' and a medium sized dotting tool. I then applied a thin coat of Dorothy L's #93 (Dat Orange, yo.) and allowed that to dry. I then took the dotting tool again and created more dots, I allowed drying time and repeated another coat of the orange polish. I repeated this around 4-5 times. I then created my freehand parts with acrylic paint and added some final white dots on the top layer of the design. I finished by applying my Pro-FX top coat and added a few blue studs.

What do you think of this combination? Have you ever worn an Evil Eye?
Have a wonderful weekend, I'll catch you on Wednesday!


  1. Such an abstract design, very eye-catching.

  2. Love your pond manicure!! I really want to try that one one day :)

  3. La la la love it! It's a perfect abstract pond mani! You nailed it! ^_^ I was having relaxing weekend at my parents house. Yeah took a break of 4-5 days from in-laws and having fun with my parents. Much needed break indeed! ;-)

  4. I like the symbol but even more the pond effect!

  5. I love these nails! I love the evil eye, its extra special to me because I am Greek too :)

  6. One of my absolute favorite manicures that you´ve ever done :O SO STUNNING!!! I love the colors and the design :)


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