IthinityBeauty's 'Magical Spring Time Giveaway' - Open Internationally.

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing? I hope you are having a great week so far :)

I told ya I'd have a surprise for you! 

As a little token of pure gratitude for your continuous support and kindness I'd like to host another giveaway – truth be told I'd love do to these every month but alas.. I can not. But right now I can and its INTERNATIONAL, BABY!

This giveaway has a slight holographic/fantasy theme to it. One lucky winner, from anywhere in the world will win the following prizes (also listed below)

The Prizes are:

1. Galaxy/Moon Necklace
2. One round stamping plate (BP -25)
3. One large rectangle unicorn stamping plate - (L045)
4. One fantasy owl/dream catcher decal sheet.
5. One bright rainbow coloured decal sheet.
6. 6 piece false nails – to practice or paint up!
7. Holographic chrome powder.
8. 1 tube holographic nail foil.
9. 1 pot gold foil/leaf (Great for crumbling onto nails)
10. 1 pot silver foil/leave (as above)
11. One large patterned stamper and plastic scraper.

This giveaway runs from 3rd April 2017 until May 3rd 2017 – A winner will be picked at random within 2 days of giveaway ending. If the winner fails to respond to emails after 72 hrs a new winner will be drawn. Please read the terms and conditions stated in the rafflecoptor.

Good luck to everyone – if you follow me on Instagram you'll also see that you can get an extra entry by reposting my giveaway post!

Don't forget to let your friends know too so they have a chance of nabbing some goodies.

Have a beautiful day, my lovelies. Thank you for taking time to visit me! I'll catch you again on Wednesday! 




  1. Thanks for a chance to win! My fav mythical creature is unicorn :)

  2. Pegasus :- Flying Horse.

    Rachel Craig

  3. My favourite mythical creature? I think it will be a unicorn :)

  4. I really love wildfires, I feel identified with them.
    I'm so excited for this giveaway! YAY

  5. My Favorite mythical creature is pheonix :)

  6. My favorite mythical creature would have to be a unicorn because of how beautiful their skin looks on nails! ;)

  7. I love Pegasus and unicorns in that order.

  8. My favorite mythical creature is a narwhal, the unicorn of the sea!!😍

  9. My favourite mythical creature is either a dragon or a unicorn.

  10. My favorite mythical creature has always been the dragon..

  11. I love unicorns. They make my inner 8yr old so giddy lol

  12. My favorite mythical creature would most likely be a dragon.:)

  13. hmm... I have to say besides Pegasus, unicorns, and dragons... I actually really like griffins.

  14. Probably griffins. I love unicorns, pegasus, dragons, and many others.

  15. Thank you for the amazing giveaway! Mine is a mermaid!

  16. I love everything magical and mythical. But I will go with fairies and pixies!!

  17. Dragons are my favorite mythical creature.

  18. Dragons and unicorns are my favorite. 🦄🐲

  19. Nicole Lancaster20 April 2017 at 04:06

    My favorite mythical creature is the Unicorn.

  20. My favorite mythical animal is a Dragon. ��

  21. Great giveaway! Thanks for having the unicorn plate as one of your price! Unicorns are my fav mythical animals. If you know the anime movie from the year 1982 'The Last Unicorn', well this unicorn was and is my fav!

  22. Dragons are my favourite mythical characters.

  23. My favourite mythical creature is the loch ness monster!

  24. I think that Minotaur's are cool!


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