Drag Marble Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you had an awesome weekend. Did anything exciting happen?

I have not told you yet but I am going to England again this Friday! I am super excited..but I'll tell you more about that in more depth a little later on.

Anyway... for today I have some more nail art that was created for the weekly Tiny Canvas challenge (Why do I always take part? The themes are fun and push me to try new challenges plus I feel as a moderator its good to join in to encourage other members) Our theme at the moment is drag marble nail art.

Sadly I can't tell you what nail polishes I used in this design as.. stuff is everywhere.

I can tell you about this design though even without knowing what polishes I used! I decided to go for a elemental themed manicure, creating a drag marble decal for each nail – we have wind/air, earth, fire and water.

On my thumb I used one coat of Barry M's 'White' polish to create a clean canvas for my acrylic-gradient. I did this using a thick brush and black, grey and white acrylic paints. I'm hoping I can make a video soon to show you how I do these. I added some small symbols to represent the elements. I finished everything else off with my Pro-FX top coat.

Have you done a dry marble before? Which marble nail do you like the best?

Have a wonderful day my sweeties, I'll catch you again on Wednesday for another freehand design! 



  1. I am wild about that color combo! How exciting about the trip to England - hope it is fun.

  2. Drag marbles... one of the banes of my existence ;) Yours look great so I'm very interested in tips and tricks from the master (mistress?)

    I hope you're going to have a great time during your repeat visit across the sea. When is summer holiday starting over there? With a little luck you could spend even more time with your niece and nephew if they don't have to go to school :D

  3. I love the color combo. Its look wonderful. I never get this technique right.
    I don't if you realize but the design you made on your thump with white acrylic paint is also the symbol of my Favorite brand. Its called triad of 30 second to mars. A big Thumps up for that :D

  4. Great mani, I love the light blue nail :)

  5. He, he, we have similar manicures today, but I love the idea of wind/air, earth, fire and water at yours. Beautiful!!!

  6. How stunning! This is honestly so beautiful - I'm lame when it comes to anything nail related so I'd love to be able to do them! x

  7. Your drag marble is gorgeous!!


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