ORLY Breathable Review - Part 2

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Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope this week has been going well for you so far.
I'm excited..and I was a little bit naughty. I had been thinking about getting myself a new camera for blogging for quite some time and I kinda just did it. I'm not an impulse buyer at all, I'll watch and read reviews of products before I consider buying anything electrical usually, so fingers crossed this new camera is going to meet my expectations.

Today I am bringing you part 2 of my ORLY Breathable swatch and reviews, if you missed part 1 you can see it right here. Another huge hug to sweet Sophie for making it possible for me to review these. I've been so impressed by their forumla.

Just a reminder of the health benefits this collection can be proud of:

This collection contains 18 nail polishes shades and come in generous 18ml bottles.
The benefits of the Breathable range boast a huge range of benefits to natural nails including the following.
  1. The breathable formula allows oxygen & hydration to penetrate the nail to say moisturised and healthy.
  2. It nourishes and hydrates to promote strength and nail growth.
  3. These polishes contain a beauty blend of Argan Oil, Pro Vitamin B5 &Vitamin C.
  4. No base or top coat required, these are an all in one top and base coat with gorgeous shades.

Pep In Your Step

A bright juicy bubble gum hot pink, 'Pep In Your Step' is a gorgeous bold and confident pink. This is probably now my favourite pink in my collection, it is such a happy colour to look at!
Heaven Sent 

Heaven Sent is a soft and delicate golden beige laced with golden micro flakies. Click to englarge these, you'll see a delicate dusting of golden flakes sitting on top of my nails!

Morning Mantra

Morning Mantra is a calming pastel sea blue crème. This blue is such a positive and relaxing shade and is again perfect for those who like interesting nail colours without wearing full on brights.

Kiss Me, I'm Sweet

'Kiss Me, I'm Sweet' is the first of two polishes in this collection which I didn't expect to find. From the bottle it looks like a light pink however it is very sheer and buildable like a gelly polish – perfect for pond manicures! I had worried how this would look on my stained nails however it gave them a really healthy looking colour and I enjoyed wearing it. 

Vitamin Burst

Vitamin Burst is a beautiful bright orange crème, its oozing energy and is such a fun and lively colour. Should I be lucky enough to go on holiday year I swear this is my summer vacation shade!


Staycation is a beautiful, warm taupe grey. Unlike regular flat grey polishes the taupe in this shades adds a wonderful, warm and earthy look to it. Its one of those polishes that looks effortlessly flawless when worn.

Another six fabulous shades, I really can not fault a single one. I am in love with each of the shades for their own right and their dry time is beyond incredible. I feel like you really can paint and be out the door within a short space of time which I know many of you appreciate that quality in a polish.

Can you believe I still have another six shades to show you? And I consider them to be just as beautiful as the previous 12 polishes I've shared. ORLY went all out on this collection and have created such a diverse and beautiful selection of shades – I really feel like they've achieved a polish for everyone in this range.

Where can I find ORLY? Right here.

Which of these colours did you like best? What shades do you generally prefer on your nails?

Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you have an amazing day! I'll be back on Friday with some more nail art.



  1. OOooh I'm in love with the Staycation color!! Looks like they offer quite the line of nail polish. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm sure that my wife will surely love all of these colors! She is a huge fan of nail polish, especially the Orly brand.

  3. I really like the colour "Staycation", it's such a nice daily colour along with "kiss me i'm sweet" - these look like a great polish :)

  4. 'Kiss Me, I'm Sweet' this pinkish nailpolish is as pretty as its name and my favorite too. I like wearing this color on my nails regularly.

  5. Ooooh I'm intrigued by Orly. Never tried that polish, but I'm loving all the colors! My fave for sure is the "Kiss Me, I'm Sweet". So simple yet so lovely. I'm all about pink, but I would love to try Heaven Sent, and Morning Mantra for a change. All pretty!

  6. Wow.. What a great product! It makes the nails beauty and also healthy.

  7. I really like the color of Kiss Me, I'm Sweet. Love the simplicity of it and its so cute. and I am huge fan of ORLY nail polish.

  8. Oh wow!! I really love ORLY and staycation is one of my favorite shades of all. I loved to try that on my nails.

  9. Wow, the shades are pretty and I never realised they could let your nails breathe.Can't wait to try some of these colors!

  10. These polishes are so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing all of these different colors –– I might just have to find some of that Morning Mantra :)

  11. Did you use your new camera for these shots because they look great! Your nails are gorg! I'm loving that Staycation taupe color and would love to see this in a fiery red shade!

  12. I just love nail polishes ...lovely colours :)

  13. Good shades but I guess the colors are too bright. Your nails are good looking best suit for the nail polish.

  14. These colors look fantastic. I love the "heaven sent". It looks amazing.

  15. I usually go for reds, blues and purples for my favorite nail polish colors. I really like the pink though, it's so bold but gives a young feeling in the same time.

  16. These colors all look so fun and fabulous! Thanks for sharing all these cute nail shades! Shell

  17. I have always loved ORLY. I am so excited for this breathable collection. That pink is amazing!!

  18. Love these shades. Heaven Sent is totally my kind of shade. Really beautiful.

  19. All these Orly polishes look fantastic - there are some really beautiful shades here. I especially like Staycation, as that's the sort of colour you could wear with anything x


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