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Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope the weekend treated you well, do you feel refreshed and ready for a new week? I feel like my weeks have been very bland since the beginning of the year, I don't know if its the weather, being unemployed or what but I lost my oompf. This week I've set myself some nice do-able goals to achieve, hopefully that will make this week more interesting!

Today I will be showing you four new shades from Sensationail's new range, Express Gels. Special thanks to Nara and Sparkle PR for letting me review these. These shades will warm us all up! 

I swear sometimes that a nice bright manicure can cheer up the dullest of moods.

 Don't Moss With Me

Don't Moss With Me is a beautiful bright turquoise with delicate shimmers, I really like this shade, its beautiful and makes me think beach! Anything that evokes beach feels is fine with me!
That's My Jam
That's My Jam lives up to its name, its a fun slightly muted red that really does remind me of jam, I like that this isn't a solid bright red, its certainly unlike anything already in my collection.

Orange You Cute?

Orange You Cute? Is a scrumptious bold and brave orange, what I would describe as a perfect orange – its bright and sunny and perfect for a warm summer look.

Taupe Dancer 

Taupe Dancer is a warm and soft looking brown taupe shade. I'm not a fan of 'brown' polishes but this one is light enough to give a pretty and sophisticated feel to the manicure.

 So you may have noticed in some of my pictures that my pinky nail didn't turn out too well. You'll see unattractive wrinkly to the gel polish. I'm not quite sure how to explain what happened..

The wrinkling is due to the gel layers not being dry however this happened on various occassion's while I was applying the gel. I assumed I was doing something wrong or that my base wasn't fully dry however after leaving my UNT peel off base for more than an hour and for curing the nails at 90 seconds twice it still occurred. I'm not going to lie and say its due to the polish as the other nails turned out beautifully so its clearly something I have done. Ie base not fully dry (UNT does take quite a while) or perhaps applying a little too thickly.

That said these polishes are really thick and you'll need to be wary of how much polish you've got on the brush, apply thin coats and build them up. I am wearing only two coats of each colour here so you can see how the colour pay off is really generous.

Overall I really like these polishes. Had I been applying these to wear for long periods of time I would have began with a gel base coat which probably would have eliminated the wrinkling issue. They are great for speedy nails so if you need a manicure in a short amount of time these are perfect.

What of these shades do you like best? Do you prefer regular nail polish or gel polish?

Thank you so much for visiting today, don't forget to say hi and leave your thoughts in the comments. Take care and have a wonderful day, I'll catch you again on Wednesday!




  1. All of them are fantastic but I like the most that beautiful turquoise with the shimmer :)

  2. OMW Ithi that turquoise is BEAUTIFUL. Love, love, love and the name is so perfect for that colour. I have to see if I can find it here.

  3. You know I prefer regular nail polish because I can't stand the whole removing process... Otherwise, the orange and the turquoise are ♥O♥
    What I never quite understand is the "One step" claim I've seen on several brands. It means you don't need basecoat and topcoat? it means you need only one coat? I can never figure that out!

  4. I can't believe two coats has such good effect. I really love these colors and not sure which one to pick. These colors are really unusual and quite new. I also love to know what are the good product that you use for removing it and how do you do it.

  5. I really like these colors, especially the teal and orange. I like the taupe, but it seems out of place with these two shades (not sure if its a set). I tend to wear regular shades. I tried Sally Hansen's gel polish and it didn't last any longer than regular polish.

  6. I always get my nails done with gel polish as it lasts so long. I love the orange nail polish, it covers so well! In my experience orange is a very difficult color and most of the times it doesn't cover that well. This one looks wonderful though!

  7. I am in love with the colour "dont mess with me" - these polishes look so great, the application looks amazing

  8. I love the shine and gloss on these ... I usually just get done basic manicure but your swatches have intrigued me.


  9. All these colors are so festive! And they all look so neat after the application!

  10. These are all gorgeous colors. I especially love the turqouise and red. Will check them out.

  11. I really like all the colors. especially this taupe dancer it looks so simply and I love nude colors.

  12. I think the Don't Moss with Me & Taupe Dancer shades are adorable and I must have them

  13. These polishes look so good, I would keep in mind to start with thin coats and then build up. That's My Jam looks like the shade I am liking much, will check this one.

  14. Wow! I love how this nail polish look shinny and pretty. I have tried gel nail polish once and my enamel gave up. They started to peel and hurt so I am staying away from them but you post is making me wanna give it another chance :D

  15. It's so hard for me to choose my favorite color! I think it's a toss up between 'don't moss with me' and 'that's my jam'. I have the wrinkling problem a lot! But mostly because I can't sit still long enough to let my nails dry fully! I've never tried gel but always wanted to!

  16. Your nails are so nicely manicured! I can never have such nails as I'm such a lazy bum! Haha, my favourite colour is "Don't Moss With Me" cuz it's Tiffany Green!


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