Bertie McBurtlebutton & Ms Blueberry-Baebae Go Water Skiing. Freehand Nail Art

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How are you all doing today, is your week going well? I feel like I blink past Monday and Tuesday, before I know it we're at hump day. That said its great news if you are looking forward to the weekend and already counting down the days.

Today I have a follow up nail art – have you met Bertie Mcburtlebutton and Ms Blueberry-Baebae Bouffant? They are a couple I've featured in my nail art before. So far they've gone on two dates and poor Bertie has so far failed to impress his lady friend – gotta love a trier.

So far they went on a boating lake in which Ms Bluberry-Baebae had to eat the Marmite and cherry sandwiches he'd packed.. yum. On their second date he took her for a walk around his stately garden.. How much can go wrong there? Well he fell in the pond for a start.

For some reason I guess he thought taking her water skiing would be a fantastic idea for a date. They won't get to talk much so there's little risk of him saying something embarrassing.. He can show off his epic water skiing skills... Maybe not.

So for this nail art I began with my usual base coat, OPI's 'Nail Envy' – you can find out why thisis my all time go-to top coat here. This was dry within a minute or so and I followed on with ORLY's 'White Tips' – I used just one coat since I'd be covering the entire nails with acrylic paint. On top of the white polish I used a thin coat of my Pro-FX top coat and proceeded with acrylic paints, painting on a peach, pink and purple shade and blending them through to create the acrylic-gradient for my sky. I used my Pure Color brush in #10 for all the smaller details. Finally I sealed it all in with my ORLY top2bottom base/top coat and eventually added Barry M's matte top coat just because I love how smooth matte nail art looks.

Do you think Bertie managed to impress on the third date? Where do you think he should take her next?

Thank you so much for visiting today, I always love it when you stop by! Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments. Have an amazing day, I'll catch you again on Friday!



  1. Oh my goodness, your nail art storytelling is perfection. I think Bertie did a great job. LIke you said - A+ for trying :). I absolutely love your work. It is so beautifully designed and so unique.

  2. Loved your nail art, perfect and inspiring. I particularly like that dolphin on your thumb. It is looking so beautiful.

  3. I am floored every time I see your posts. Just when I think she's done it again, you come up with another design that blows my mind. Love your creativity, girl. Thanks for sharing it and how you do it! <3 xo Evelyn, PathofPresence

  4. Your nail art is so incredible! I love the blend of colours, they're so vibrant!

  5. I think this is my favourite one yet. I love how your creative nail art can tell a story! It looks like they were having a lot of fun water skiing!

  6. I just wanted to say your nail art really cheers me up! It's so fun and you can tell so much hard work goes into them, it's like a little story on your nails. As a VA I comment on behalf of my client but I wanted to just come send some love as myself too :)

  7. This nail art is so beautiful, I am loving all the colors, giving me spring vibes already. I love the detailing and how the colors are well-blended to give a seamless finish.

  8. You already know I look forward to your posts! Love it!

  9. Hi Ithi! this mani is soooo adorable, it makes me laugh but it is also so sweet! Go Bertie don't give up!
    perfectly executed as susual :)

  10. Ahaaa...Whaaatt to say about your manis..they are just mindblowing! <3


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